NSV Friday


Oops, forgot to take a pic of my NSV this week so I have to link up today instead of yesterday ! Oh well, here it is:

pants front

pants side

Those are one of my fave pairs of work pants (I know, I know, they’re way too long on me) because they are cute and comfy. It’s hard to tell, but they’re a light greyish black pinstripe with just a hint of sparkle thread in them. OK seriously when I describe them like that they sound absolutely hideous but I promise they’re not!! I love these pants..they are so comfortable! I got them at Old Navy many, many moons ago and they are a size 20. Look…they’re actually BIG on me now! I had these pants in storage because I knew that for the past 3 years or so, they’d been too tight. I couldn’t even zip them up. But holy wow look at them now! This makes me feel so good, even if I had a small gain this week.

Speaking of–I’m preparing myself for a steady stream of small gains in the next 2 weeks (the week after next is TOM week…boo). I have basically lost all self control this past week due to being sick, and because I’ve been sick and on the couch..I’ve not been working out. I totally was not able to do a mile on Wednesday night and I didn’t feel up to zumba last night, but I am feeling SO much better today–I think the drugs finally kicked in. We aren’t doing game night tonight because I need to go to bed early (I fly out tomorrow for a college fair), so I should be able to get a quick mile in. To say that I dread working out after a brief stint of inactivity is a complete and total UNDERSTATEMENT. I have to remind myself that I’m in way better shape than when I started working out 62 pounds ago, and that I can handle it…but it is always harder after a break. Ugh. I can do this! I am really excited, however, to see how the seatbelt on the plane fits me tomorrow. The last time I flew, I weighed 270+ pounds and could just BARELY buckle that sucker in. You know when you open a can of crescent rolls? Yeah, that. But not this time, baby!

Anyone have fun weekend plans? I’ll be hanging out in a city I’m not very familiar with but am pretty excited for the trip 🙂 Pics to follow! Happy weekend everyone!

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