Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, here it is again–weigh in day! I was totally shocked when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning:



This means that I lost 2.4 lbs this week–I also lost yet another half inch off my waist, putting me at a 35″ waistline. Smh…sometimes I just don’t get it. I really think that all of the walking I did in Atlanta (a lot of it was uphill, downhill, and back) got me some key calorie-burning, since I didn’t really do zumba at all last week. This means that right now, I weight 207.6 lbs! That means I GET MY NEW PIECE OF JEWELRY FOR MY 209 LBS REWARD!! So, this is what I’m fairly sure I’ve settled on: http://www.etsy.com/listing/165913055/refuse-to-sink-aluminium-silver-metal?ref=sr_gallery_21&ga_search_query=anchor+motivational+jewelry&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery

This has a double meaning for me…refusing to sink means refusing to give up my weight loss journey. The anchor to me means A LOT because it’s my sorority’s symbol (Delta Gamma!)–I even have a small one tattooed on the inside of my left wrist! I wanted a bracelet that I could look down at when I’m feeling discouraged or like giving up…cause lord knows that happens! At any rate, I’m pretty excited about being 8.6 lbs away from onederland…here I come, baby!

I went to zumba sentao last night and almost died…no really…it was so hard! I stuck around for 45 minutes until he had us put the chairs away, and then peaced out before the last 3 or 4 toning songs. I’m sorry, but I could NOT handle zumba with even just one-pound weights after all that crazy body weight workouts that we did. Phew…it was rough. But, I went, and I did 45 minutes of it! I was proud of myself for getting back in the game. Here’s what I plan to do this week:

Tuesday: 45 min zumba sentao @ Y (done did!)
Wednesday: 30 min regular zumba at home
Thursday: 60 min regular zumba @ Y
Friday: rest
Saturday: 30 min regular zumba @ home
Sunday: 30 min (or rest, depending on how the day goes)
Monday: 60 minutes regular zumba @ Y

Now THAT’S more like it. Even though I had apparently lost 2.4 lbs, not doing all this zumba was making me start to feel lazy–but I’m back in it now.

On another good note, I’ve discovered that I have what I’ve come to think of as a light switch inside of my head regarding the food decisions I make. Last week, the switch was totally turned off…I ate way more than I should have and picked some things that were not super healthy. I found myself reaching for snacks (salty AND sweet) most of the day, and falling back into my old patterns. It was easy to do, because the switch was off. However, when I made up my mind to turn it back on yesterday, it was easy. I’m so excited about this–I’ve always felt like before, the switch was perpetually off…I just had to forcefully override it or something. It’s a welcome change. In addition, with this last weight loss this week, I’ve been given 33 points a week now instead of 34. I feel like I JUST got bumped down to 34, so that’s kind of exciting!

Hope you all have a great weigh-in. Just keep swimming!

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12 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday

    • Awww, thanks Des! You are seriously the bestest blog buddy ever 🙂 I’m so glad to have “met” you virtually! Yeah, I like earrings a lot, but I never wear bracelets and don’t typically wear things that are super girly, so I like what I’ve settled on.

  1. AWESOME JOB on your weight loss.
    I miss Zumba. I went pre-kids and loved it but the instructor moved. The new instructor sucked so I stopped going. I should try it again.

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