A Super Random 5-on-Friday

1. This has been on my brain for days–does anyone else try to prounouce the nonsense words that blogs make you type for word verification when you’re trying to comment on someone’s post?! OMG I do that EVERY time, I am such a weirdo!

2. I started the UK version of Being Human yesterday and absolutely LOVE IT. It is so good!

3. Can’t wait for game night tonight, for multiple reasons…
a. Jason is making greek sandwiches w/ yogurt sauce, yum!
b. I made those guinness cupcakes
c. We’re playing Cthulhu, which is super fun
d. Bre and Scott got a 2 month old english bulldog puppy and named it Gaius…I am going to CUDDLE THE CRAP OUT OF THAT THING

4. I was asked by the local chapter of my sorority to be their speaker tomorrow at their Founder’s Day luncheon, since I am the current President of our city’s Alumnae Association. I was dreading it all week because I had no idea what to say, until I buckled down this morning and wrote my speech. It was WAY easier than I thought it’d be…I’m nervous, but excited for the opportunity!

5. untitled

This, my friends, is how good I felt on the plane ride to and from Atlanta–being 65 pounds lighter made flying way easier and way less stressful! I did not, however, put my leg up on the door like that. Could’ve if I wanted to, though!!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I have Founder’s Day luncheon tomorrow, then we have church, house-hunting (I know I haven’t blogged about this at all yet…but we are house hunting obv) and The Walking Dead. I still haven’t seen last Sunday’s episode of TWD (no spoilers, plz) but have heard that it’s cray, so I can’t wait!

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4 thoughts on “A Super Random 5-on-Friday

  1. 1. I LOATHE capthca (or how it’s spelled)
    2. Ha! Told ya and Kili is such a hottie. ( never really noticed before!)
    3. ZOMG I WANT A PUPPY! Gaius is such a cute name! BSG reference? Have fun tonight!
    4. Good luck tomorrow~!
    5. Next plane ride, we expect to see a pic of you doing that…. 😀

    • 1. I know, right?
      2. Yes, he is so hot. I realize that they had to cast a hot person for Turiel’s love interest, otherwise she’d be making out with Balin or someone and that’d be just weird. In the first movie, I was like WHY IS HE SO HOT? In the second, I was like….ohhhhh.
      3. Yes, his full puppy name is Gaius Baltar!
      4. Thanks!
      5. Lol I will totes take a pic of myself doing that next time I get on a plane…maybe…

  2. 1. I always do that. I also like to sing the numbers on the verifications like that 867-5309 Jenny song.
    2. It’s on my Netflix list. Des convinced me, too!
    3. What is in a greek sandwich? You had me at the yogurt sauce!
    4. Oh man public speaking is my kryptonite. Good luck!
    5. She is my favorite character in that whole movie. The only one who really has her crap together. AND she ends up with the puppies. I love the reference!

    • 1. LOVE!
      2. It’s soooo so so good.
      3. It’s sort of like a gyro–so beef, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, with meditteranean spices. So good!
      4. Thanks!
      5. Hahaha I love her in that movie, too! She cracked my shiz up!

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