Weekend Rewind

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It’s snowing here. Again. On March 25. That can stop happening anytime, Mother Nature.

At any rate, we had a very pleasant but busy weekend. Friday night was a Cthulhu game night (where our characters all actually survived without going insane…say what?!) and I must pat myself on the back for making those delicious cupcakes. The alcohol flavor in them was really not too overwhelming, but just right. Next year I will probably make them “Irish car bomb” cupcakes and add some Bailey’s somehow. IDK, I’ll pinterest the ish out of it and find something, I’m sure.

On Saturday, I went to Founders’ Day at the local chapter of my sorority (technically a fraternity, but we won’t get into that), Delta Gamma. Even though I didn’t graduate from this chapter, it is so lovely to still be involved as President of our Alumnae Association and to see what all of the lovely gals are doing. They are SO awesome, and super classy. I was so impressed by all of their adorable outfits! They had asked me to be the speaker, and even though I was nervous, I think it went really well. They even presented me with flowers to thank me for all that I’ve done as Alumnae President!


I was so touched. It was such a nice little luncheon–oh, and by the way, guess who passed on the tiramisu for dessert? That’s right–this girl. I was super proud of myself!

The rest of the day was spent lounging on the couch (watching Dr. Who obv) and doing laundry. Patrick and I did squeeze in a 30 minute walk with Clara on the trail. It was chilly, but not super cold, so it wasn’t too bad.

On Sunday, we had church, went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (I was super craving this!!), and then looked at 4 HOUSES. Yup, 4 houses, all in a row. One of the houses that we looked at we are in love with–we brought my parents to see it so that they could give us some input. See, we’re young…we don’t know anything about house-shopping and what to look for. So my parents were super duper helpful. They helped us come up with a list of the things we’d need to do with the house that we really loved, and it would be feasible, as the house is way less expensive than the amount of money we got pre-approved for. BUT, we’ll see. Our lease isn’t up until August, and I’d really prefer not to break our lease (ummm cause we can’t afford it), so we’ll see. Trying to not to put all our eggs in one basket.

Sunday night was the Walking Dead…oh, and cuddling with this little guy!!

gaius 1

gaius 2

His name is Gaius (after Gaius Baltar from BSG), and he is the newest addition to Scott and Bre’s family. He is the cutest little wrinkly, fat cuddlebug! I love him.

Weigh-in Wednesday results coming tomorrow–have a great day, friends!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Rewind

  1. Oh man I want to smoosh his little cheeks. I love him!
    What a great weekend! And what is it about Buffalo Wild Wings that makes it so craveable. I actually just had a DREAM about that place.

  2. Such a cute puppy!!! Congrats on passing on dessert!! And boo–it’s snowing here today too:( What the heck happened to spring? And then the radio played a nasty trick on me this morning and played a Christmas song!!! I was freaking out like NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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