A Smooth NSV Thursday


Hi, all! It is CRAZY at work, so this will be a super quick update. This week my NSV is “smooth” because I’ve decided to start making fruit/spinach smoothies to drink for my breakfast in the morning! This is a super healthy step in the right direction, and man, these smoothies are yummy! The other night when I went grocery shopping, I bought strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples, and baby spinach. I spent HOURS (well it was prob just 20 min but I hate to chop fruit/veggies so it felt like hours) putting together 10 of these bags:


Each smoothie has each of those fruits I mentioned as well as a large handful of baby spinach. I also put a container of Yoplait Greek yogurt (vanilla) and some ice cubes in the blender, blend it up, and put it in my blender bottle the night before. I really hate most green veggies so this is a great way for me to “hide” spinach and still get it in my system. For this morning’s smoothie, I added a squirt of hershey’s chocolate syrup..yum! The first one I made ended up this horrible vomit looking color, but this morning’s was closer to the green I was looking for. It was delicious! Because I made these bags up ahead of time, I threw them in the freezer and then in the morning of each day, I move a bag to the fridge so it can thaw and I can use it to make the smoothie the night before. It saves a LOT of time, and I’ll definitely use all of the fruit that I bought. I’m sure many of you can relate to buying fruit, letting it sit in your fridge, and then before you know it it has gone bad before you can use it! So I’m pretty proud of myself for planning ahead w/ this one and getting so many fruits and veggies.

What’s your NSV this week?

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