Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Here we are again, my friends! Just another Weigh-in Wednesday:



Aight ya’ll, I am seriously on a roll. This is 2.4 lbs lost this past week, yahoo; I also lost another inch off my thighs.This puts me at 204 pounds. Two hundred freakin’ four pounds. Can’t believe it! I did well sticking to eating my daily points and activity points this week, as well as just a few of my weeklies; here’s what I did activity-wise:

Tuesday: 50 min zumba sentao @ Y
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 60 min zumba @ home
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1 mile walking DVD @ home
Sunday: 30 min walk w/ Clara on trail
Monday: 60 min zumba @ Y

This earned me 24 activity points. This week I’m planning on a similar schedule again:

Tuesday: 50 min zumba sentao @ y (did this last night)
Wednesday: 1 mile walking DVD or rest (it is really hard to bring myself to work out after church choir rehearsal for some reason?)
Thursday: 60 min zumba @ y
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1 or 2-mile walking DVD
Sunday: EITHER 45 min zumba at home, 2 mile walking DVD, or 45 min walk on trail if it’s nice out
Monday: 60 min zumba @ y

Hoping to kick up the minutes on Sunday this week–we’ll see what happens. I’m out of town on Saturday working my last big college fair of the spring season and probably won’t get home until around 8:30 or 9pm.

I’m feeling so happy with my progress–I am at 204 lbs now, and that puts me only 5 lbs away from Onederland!! I can’t believe it. I’d LOVE to be there by the end of April, but we’ll see. I think I’m going to meet some of my sorority sisters at a baseball game on the 26th, so it’d be lovely to say that I’m under 200 lbs by then. One of my best girlfriends has also lost a substantial amount of weight and would probably be at the game, so it’d be great to see her as well (I’m not on facebook, y’all…so I don’t keep up with my friends’ lives on a daily basis!)

At any rate, I am so happy with how I’m doing. I know I’ll have rough weeks in the future, but having so many great losses after working so hard is really paying off for my self-confidence and determination.

See you all tomorrow for NSV Thursday! Happy Hump Day!

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16 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Congratulations! I think planning ahead, food and workouts, is key. You’ll be below 200 before you know it and that’s super exciting!

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