Another Pants-related NSV Thursday


Linking up with KTJ here for another NSV Thursday! I had a great NSV this week; I have been wearing size 24 pants to work since I’ve lost 69 lbs (lol why I thought that was a good idea I will never know!). I have a coworker over in financial aid who has lost quite a bit of weight too…we always tell each other how good we look when we pass in the hall! Well, for the past 2 weeks or so, she has been all, “Kelly…get yourself some pants, dangit! It will make you feel so much better! What size are you now, I may have some that’ll fit you!” And I was shocked, because I couldn’t answer her. I actually had no clue what size I was, because I’d been swimming in size 24 work pants for months now, and was just too poor (and I think too nervous? As a fat girl, I hate to clothes shop) to go buy some new pants. I told her that I thought I was maybe a 20 or so? I had no clue.

So, this past Saturday, I decided to bite the bullet and go to WalMart to get some new pants. I wasn’t super excited at the thought of spending probably $12-18 for a pair of pants, but I knew it needed to be done. Then, on a whim, I decided to drive to Goodwill instead. Goodwill is such a great company and, lesbehonest, I knew I could get a pair of pants for $5 if they had some. I was nervous, though, and originally didn’t want to go there because I can almost NEVER find somewhat non-dated pants in big ladies sizes. Their plus-size pants are almost always mom jeans or old nasty corduroy/velveteen/stretchy elastic waistband pants. Am I wrong? Is this just my goodwill? Because seriously, that’s what it’s always like. So, I went to Goodwill thinking that there was no way I’d find pants…but I was pleasantly surprised!

I had no idea what size to get–I hate trying things on, and usually I just look at clothes on the rack, guesstimate, and then “Deal with it” if they don’t fit when I get home. I zoned in on a NORMAL pair of black work slacks in a size 18…but immediately, my fat girl brain kicked in. “Kelly, there’s absolutely no way you’ll fit in an 18! You haven’t been in that size since you went to college! Look for a 22!” But, I decided to try it on regardless. And ladies and gents, they fit PERFECTLY:


I was totally shocked and super excited…have I really been wearing pants that are literally 3 sizes too big for me for the past few months?! Wtf is wrong with me?! My coworker was totally right–it made me feel great, and it makes me feel better at work (and yes, the pants were only $4.99…score!). Not only did I score a great, well-fitting pair of work pants–I also got 5 tops, 4 of them for work! The green and white flowery sweater in the pic above is one of those tops. I only spent $22, and I didn’t even have to set foot in WalMart, which I DESPISE doing on a Saturday anyway. So it was a total win-win!

I am feeling so motivated right now with all of these small victories-the NSV’s are really the ones that I think propel me forward in both motivation and determination. Hoping to have another one to share next week–what are your NSV’s this week?

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14 thoughts on “Another Pants-related NSV Thursday

  1. Congrats Kelly! I have found that my mind takes longer to catch up with my body. When I lost a good chunk of my weight before, I wouldn’t try on certain things b/c they never fit before. Sometimes you just have to leave your comfort zone and try it on! I’m glad you did!

  2. Congratulatons!!!! that is a huge nsv and I am so beyond happy for you! New clothes sizes always feel the best. I haven’t been an 18 since college either and hopefully will be there soon! Keep up the amazing work!

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