Short Weekend Recap

ahhhhhh I have so been avoiding blogging. Not because I hate it or am depressed or yadda yadda yadda, I have just been SO BUSY at work and in life that I’m like “oh yeah, the blog..uhhhh.yeah…” BUT I promised myself I would blog at least 6 times a month, so I have to keep myself accountable!! I mean I know all yall are clearly waiting on each and every single one of my posts with bated breath but sometimes I just gotta do what I gotta do! (lol jk.)

At any rate, this weekend was SUPER busy but good. On Friday night we tried an “evil” Pathfinder campaign where each of us played evil characters trying to um, go around and be evil and stuff. It actually was kind of weird, not my cup of tea…but I did get to play a sasquatch, so there’s that. lol.

On Saturday, we got up early and drove to Columbus, OH where I worked the first National College Fair in Columbus. It was a GREAT fair. For some reason, the high school students in Columbus always know exactly what questions to ask about the college search and how to ask them…this is sooooo not the case in a lot of places, so it always impresses me. It was a great fair! That night, I went through Indianapolis and met up with 5 of my sorority sisters from undergrad and oh em gee it was so great to see them!!! And they were all like “KELLY YOU ARE SO SKINNY WOW!” And then we took a pic:

Normal, cute picture of the awesomeness that is us

Normal, cute picture of the awesomeness that is us

Obligatory "throwin' the Gamma" pic complete with the sorority squat

Obligatory “throwin’ the Gamma” pic complete with the sorority squat

Yeah, we look awesome!! I had a great time…since I don’t have facebook, I never see what is happening in their lives. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be at under 200 lbs for this time (this was a spur-of-the-moment thing btw…I probably won’t go to the baseball game at the end of the month now.), but they were still impressed with my weight loss. And Becky, the one in the red dress, has also lost lots of weight. We are going to take an “after” pic together when we both reach goal weight!

I def had a small margarita and ate way too many cheesy nachos…so good. Whoops. But so good.

Sunday we had church, went out to eat w/ my parents, and then I did laundry. AND THEN GAME OF THRONES CAME ON AGAIN. Dude, for those of you who have read the books like me… Dude, just…next week..did you watch the previews?? …just…I can’t even. So excited.

Anyway, gotsta run. Weigh in Wednesday results tomorrow–have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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