NSV Thursday


Linking up w/ KTJ for NSV Thursday! I honestly don’t have much to say today (shocking, I know!) but I guess my NSV is that Patrick keeps telling me how much little-er I look! He can put his arms all the way around my waist and then some and he’ll say “omg you are disappearing!” Haha. It’s pretty cute, actually. Also a NSV–I made myself do zumba sentao at home last night after church choir rehearsal. I SO wanted to not do it, but I did, and dang it was hard. But it felt good to sweat!

Anyway, I guess that’s mostly it for today. Oh, and I didn’t eat a piece of amazing looking sweet bread that my boss brought in today–it looked awesome, but I’m saving points for a beer and popcorn tonight at Patrick’s pool game after zumba. There ain’t nothing better than a cold brewski after working my butt off at zumba!

We are with Patrick’s folks this weekend for some random things–Patrick is performing as Luke in his mom’s church choir’s Maundy Thursday cantata, so he has rehearsal for that. Then, we’re going to see “Oklahoma” at his high school–his mom does the music for the musicals there because she is the orchestra teacher. Tomorrow, we’re eating dinner w/ some of our bestest couple friends in Indy at Jockamo’s–a summer yummy pizza place, then off to a brewery for beer tasting. We can’t wait to see them! I’ve already planned out my food for tomorrow, so I’m not worried about it. Weekend, here I come!

What are your weekend plans? See you all on Tuesday for another weekend rewind!

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4 thoughts on “NSV Thursday

  1. Ooh that is a great nsv and a brewery tour! What fun! Sounds like a really awesome weekend! Enjoy it!

    Weekend plans, veg out tomorrow after work, maybe rent a movie. Saturday tennis am – then DnD in Lafayette with friends. Sunday – house work, groceries and hopefully little else! Maybe mow the grass because it needs it!

  2. When the boys start to notice…it’s working!! I think as girls we notice every little inch or pound that’s gone and get so upset when others don’t notice–“What?? You can’t tell I lost 0.6 pounds this week????” I think it’s the lack of sugar for me:) Have a great weekend!!

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