Weekend Rewind

Oooooh I have so not been in the blogging mood lately! I am just in my own little funk here…but I must continue to blog to stay accountable!

We had a really great weekend-on Friday night we went to Indianapolis to meet some of our bffs, Blake and Hanna. Patrick grew up with Blake and therefore I met him when we were dating; I’m pretty sure he and Hanna had been dating that long ago too, so I don’t think of Blake without Hanna! At any rate, we went to Jockamo’s pizza in Irvington (YUM), then to Black Acre Brewery right next door (Yumm-ER), then to Blake and Hanna’s relatively new apt to hang out. It was a great night, despite the fact that I spilled a full beer all over their kitchen floor. Guys–I hadn’t even had anything to drink yet…I am just that clumsy!! Ugh. It was still a great night!

On Saturday, Patrick rehearsed with his mom’s church choir for their Maundy Thursday cantata this week–he’s playing the narrator, Luke. It’s a nice cantata, but DANG, the way the narration is written, Luke mentions like a GAZILLION times that he’s a physician. By the third time you’re like…wait, Luke, what are you again? Oh right, a doctor, because you’ve had to remind us 839024398 times. Also, what if Luke was actually THE Doctor? Think about it (mind blown)

Anyway, I’m rambling. After rehearsal, we came back home and took a walk on the trail because Saturday was basically the most beautiful day in existence. On Sunday, we did church stuff, looked at a few houses, and then watched Game of Thrones. Which, if any of you are viewers–YESSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSS YESSS. Patrick and I actually brought champagne to celebrate–we are evil people. lol.

Yesterday was just another Monday at work and then zumba/grocery shopping in the evening. This week is busy at church since it’s Holy Week–I get to play viola on Thursday night’s Maundy Thursday service and Sunday morning at our Easter service. I’m also really excited about Easter Sunday–our church does a 6:30am (soooo early) sunrise “service”…which really means we just go out in the woods behind our church and have a bonfire until the sun comes up. Then we have a church breakfast pitch-in, then the church service. I’ll also be going to see my mom’s side of the family that afternoon for Easter dinner…I’m pretty excited, as the last time I saw them all I was 20 lbs heavier at least (@ Thanksgiving). Wooooohooooooooooooo!

I wish I had some fun pics to go along with this post. Hopefully you’ve all made it this far without dying of boredom, but if you haven’t, I don’t blame you. Weigh in Wednesday results tomorrow!

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