OK so between all the visitors at work yesterday, I totally forgot to post my NSV, which was really short and sweet (which is what this post will be, so get excited to not have to skim this mofo!!)

After zumba on Monday night, they told us that they had sign in sheets for the “Lose a Ton, Give a Ton” that I was supposed to participate in. I signed up for this challenge (for each pound of weight you lost, a pound of food would be donated to a family from an outside donor). Well everytime I went to the Y to weigh-in, the person who was supposed to weigh me in was NEVER around. It was actually pretty disorganized. So, on Monday, they just had sheets and said “whoever wants to write their name and how much weight they’ve lost since January can do so–a pound of food will be donated for each pound you’ve lost.” I was all over that, and I had to go back to my blog and look. I didn’t want to jinx myself for my next morning weigh-in, so I put 13 lbs. (With this week’s weigh-in, it was actually 15 pounds, but oh well). 15 POUNDS!!! I just was so proud of myself, lol. That means that 13 lbs of food are going to be donated to families in need because of my continued weight loss efforts. I’m a boss. (bragging over.)

Other than all that, here’s the rest of my post. I think these accurately sum up how I feel about this past week and how I feel today:

dog meme 1

dog meme 2

dog meme 3

dog meme 4

Happy Friday, friends!

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4 thoughts on “FRIDAY!!!!

  1. That is one of the most legit NSVs that I’ve read in a long time! Also, all the TGIF’s with dogs are awesome. I love Fridays, and I love dogs!

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