Easter Weekend Rewind

Good morning, everyone! I am so. frakking. tired this morning.

This is me right now

This is me right now

But at least there’s always this:

monday dog 2

We had a great weekend, but it was busy and therefore it went way too fast, as usual. On Friday night, we went to a Good Friday church service and then just hung out at home. We had a great day on Saturday! I got up and made this deliciousness:

Farm fresh eggs, fresh homemade out-of-the-can cinnamon rolls, and bacon

Farm fresh eggs, fresh homemade out-of-the-can cinnamon rolls, and bacon

MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then we got ready and went to church choir rehearsal–after rehearsal we were just going to head home, but DANG it was so beautiful outside that we wanted to do something else. So, we went to Sonka’s, our fave Irish pub. It was beautiful outside so we called our friends Jason and Jake and they came to join us. It was lovely!

Mmmmm bur. (beer.)

Mmmmm bur.

I also ate some pepper jack-stuffed pretzels there (/maybe the whole appetizer by myself) but then was so stuffed that I couldn’t eat dinner later that night…so it ended up ok. It was a lot of fun! Jason came to our place and smoked cigars with Patrick while I cleaned up and did some random stuff around the house. I took Clara on a walk on the trail at a pretty fast pace, and we both got a good workout. When I got home, I made my famous orange almond Christmas cookies for my mom since this past Friday was her bday and she loves these!

orange cookies

Then Patrick and I watched the last David Tennant episode of the Doctor and I got super depressed. So sad. We watched the first Matt Smith episode yesterday and it is SO WEIRD but I know I will get used to it. I just miss the smexyness that is David Tennant!

We had a great Easter yesterday–we started with a sunrise service @ church at 6:30am (ack!) …we went in the woods behind our church and had a big bonfire and watched the sun come up. It was great! Then we had a breakfast at church, and Easter. I got to play viola with an oboe/flutist, so the music was awesome and it was just an all-around great service. We headed to my aunt and uncle’s for lunch, where my little cousin Cammie proceeded to be obsessed with mutilating the bunny cake that my aunt created:

I call this "Saw IX--Easter's Revenge"

I call this “Saw IX–Easter’s Revenge”

I mean seriously, she was specific enough in requesting the “left ear and the eyeball” lol!! Omg it was cracking us up. She is probably only like 6 or something. I ate quite a bit yesterday, but I’ve managed to stay within my “daily points, activity points, and 10 of my weekly” formula that I like this week. I was so stuffed from the lunch that I ate that I couldn’t even eat dinner last night, so there’s that as well.

After that, we went home and took Clara on a LEISURELY slow slow walk on the trail…I needed to get out and do something after all that food, even if it was a slow walk! It was pretty out last night:

Dusk @ the trail

Dusk @ the trail

Then we went to Scott and Bre’s, watched Game of Thrones, and now I’m here. Phew! I’m already ready for this upcoming weekend. Hope you all had a great Easter! More to come on Weigh-in Wednesday.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Weekend Rewind

  1. Yummy deliciousness!!! And good job staying within your points! Looks like you had a great Easter! My Monday sucks too bc it means spring break is over:( Now we count down to summer!!! 9 weeks to go!!

    • Thanks, Jasmine! Oooooh that is so freakin’ awesome that you get your summers off!! 🙂 It is spring break for our kids at our university right now, but we work on their breaks..sigh. But summer will be here for you before you know it!

  2. Oh man, the changing of Doctors always makes me sad and depressed. I haven’t even worked up the nerve to watch the Capaldi episodes.
    Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!

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