NSV Thursday


Here are 2 short ‘n sweet NSVs!! One: So I went to Target (aka Tar-jay) this past Tuesday because I was picking up a prospective student from the airport and her plane was late. So obv I went to Target to kill time. Just for funsies, I decided to try on a couple of dresses. That cute pony dress that I got way back in October is an Xhiliration XXL, so I thought I’d try some more of those on.

First of all, I grabbed some XXL dresses and another XL dress by mistake (thought it was an XXL). BUT when I tried them on, the XXL’s were TOO FRIGGIN’ BIG. And the XL fit perfectly! I meant to take a pic but was sort of rushed for time and also I went through zipper panic (you know when you successfully zip up a dress in the dressing room and hi-five yourself for doing it alone, but then start flipping out because you’re like oh shit how do I UNZIP this) and so I got all anxious and forgot the pic. Good news…I managed the zipper even though I think I pulled like 3 muscles in the process.

Also…I was totally under the impression that this dress was in the women’s section…I looked it up online, and all the dresses I tried on were from the freakin’ JUNIORS SECTION!! Um I’m pretty sure that I haven’t shopped in the junior section since I was like a middle schooler. I couldn’t even fit into that junk in high school, lol. This was me in the dressing room:


2. I am only 4.8 lbs away from what my drivers license says I weigh! lol!

Hope you all have NSV’s this week! I have got to stop stuffing my face and skipping zumba. Ugh. I’m doing workouts at home but haven’t been to the Y since before Easter…yowza. Next week!! We’ve just had so many weird weeknight commitments because of holy week and looking at houses and stuff. But at least I’m still being active!

Also… to anyone out there who may be involved in university admissions: HAPPY MAY 1!! WE DID IT!!!! wooooooooooo!

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12 thoughts on “NSV Thursday

  1. That is an awesome NSV!!!! I love Target—I would live there if I could. I think when I retire, I may work there for the discount–and just so I can be in the store longer!!

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