Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am happy to report a loss of 0.4 lbs this week:



And now you HAVE to believe me that I’m in onederland, because the pic proves it. Yay! So that puts me at 199.4. I’m honestly stunned that I lost any weight this week. I hardly worked out and I ate like a beast (horrible foods), so much so that I went “into the red” on my points by 7 this week. Hmm. But I’m still ok with the loss! I was sure I’d have gained like 5 pounds when I got on the scale yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise! The Eleventh Doctor is certainly excited about this!

excited 2

This week I am “re-setting” that on/off switch in my head regarding food. Last week it was totally off, and it seemed like my willpower had just completely gone away. I have been having some major GI issues that I think is possibly related to a new medication, and I’ve been on the couch a lot. Hoping to get that sorted out soon…

This week, I already feel good about my choices. I did eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast yesterday (I HAVE to go to the store tonight..I am out of protein bars!) but I went for a water instead of a diet mt. dew. Woo! I am going to have eaten out twice this week…once last night with Patrick’s parents and Friday with our mentors from church. But, I got a big delicious salad last night and plan on getting another one on Friday. Wooo! I know I can get back into the routine if I just apply myself. I haven’t been to the Y since before Easter, and am hoping to get back there tonight for some cardio kickboxing. Yay!

Hope you all have a great WI! Happy mid-week!

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8 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday

    • Yeah…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go though šŸ˜¦ I know what that is like..it’s my asthma meds that are acting up, so not sure if the lungs have the stamina to handle hardcore cardio until I get settled with my new inhaler after tonight. Glad your knee is improving!

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