NSV Thursday


It’s Thursday, what what! I have a short and sweet (again!) NSV this week. Um it’s awesome. I ATE A DAMN SALAD ON TUESDAY NIGHT. When we went out with Patrick’s parents before hand I was all (in my head of course) “omg I so don’t want a salad.I hate salad. I feel like a rabbit when I eat it. Ew. But I SHOULD get a salad. But I COULD get some freaking fried chicken…but I SHOULD get a salad…” So what did I do? I GOT A DAYUM SALAD. With fried chicken on it! lol no but really I got homestyle chicken w/ it. I know grilled is better but om GIZZLE it was so delicious. And let’s be honest, a salad with fried chicken on it is about 8 points, and a fried chicken breast on a sandwich is about 15 points or more. Plus I would’ve gotten fries with the sandwich…let’s not even go there. This was me:

salad gif

Side note, if you all don’t know who that is in that gif, you should check him out. His name is Tyler Oakley and he is pretty much amazing…he’s a youtube sensation (follow his youtube channel…he’s basically a professional fangirl:) ) and he also does a lot of charity work for The Trevor Project, an organization that raises money for crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. Check it out–it’s an awesome cause.

Anyway, I was proud of myself for eating salad instead of fries, yo. Look how good it was!

I promise there was actually lettuce in there

I promise there was actually lettuce in there

It was soooo yummy. It had a spring greens mix with walnuts, craisins, apples, and a cut up homestyle chicken breast. I got raspberry vinagrette on the side–I’m not big on dressings, so I just used a tiny bit of it. It was so yum. I’m going out tomorrow night to a different restaurant, and I think I’m going to get their mandarin orange salad with a grilled chicken breast.

Here’s Clara after our walk on the trail last night to make y’all smile:



Have a great Thursday, and see you all next week!

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8 thoughts on “NSV Thursday

  1. Great job! I love salads…. now.. Didn’t use to! i guess the older I got I acquired a taste for them. I can’t have too many though since it messes with my INR levels for my Coumadin. But every now and then I do love a nice leafy green salad. (Pepper Jelly vinaigrette is my fave!)

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