NSV Thursday


Time for another NSV Thursday!! Mine is allll about eating this week. I have been struggling with my point values ever since I joined the onederland club and got bumped from 33 to 32 points. Even just ONE point a day honestly makes a HUUUUGE difference!!! Any of my weight watchers friends, do you agree? I’ve had a pretty easy time adjusting to this throughout my journey, but for some reason, this one single point difference has been the hardest so far. The first week, I used all of my dailies, activities, AND weeklies and went over by 4. Last week, I used all of my dailies, activities, and 38 out of 49 of my weeklies. This week, I’m AIMING to eat only 28 out of 49 of my weeklies. We’ll see!

I am proud of myself this past week, however, for how I handled myself when we ate out. We typically only eat out once a week, after church. This past week, however, we ate out 3 TIMES!! That’s a lot for us. I made REALLY good choices at all of these places, if I do say so myself! I know I already talked about the salad on Tuesday night w/ Patrick’s parents…yum. On Friday night, our mentors from church took us out to get to know us a bit better, and I ate ANOTHER salad!! What is my life?! It was delish…fresh greens, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, grilled chicken, and cranberries. Yummers. On Saturday night, we went to Indy for Mother’s Day and ate out again with Patrick’s family. This time they wanted to go to The Olive Garden.

Also for you weight watchers out there…or any myfitnesspal/plan junkies as well…HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE POINT VALUES/CALORIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE OLIVE GARDEN?! Holy poo. It’s a lot of really high point, high calorie food. So, I ate 2 breadsticks (come on, those things are amazing and who honestly can eat just one) and then I got the wood-grilled salmon with broccoli. The salmon was actually reeeeeally good, I think I’ll get that there again if I go. Broccoli was ok, but I was proud of myself for my choices. I could’ve gotten fettucini alfredo (NOMS) or chicken parm, but I didn’t. So there.

Also, I skipped a donut when my coworker brought them in on Tuesday! Granted, I ate one of the leftover ones yesterday (lol) but at least I didn’t eat them two days in a row!!

So obviously I owned it this week with the restaurants.

like a boss

What are your NSV’s this week? Chances are I won’t be back until next week’s weigh-in Wednesday again…have a great weekend, all!

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10 thoughts on “NSV Thursday

  1. Awesome job with your victories!
    Hubs brought home subs for dinner two nights ago. I ate half and saved the other half for lunch. Then when packing my lunch the next day I realized I didn’t want the second half, not worth the calories, so I gave it to my mom for her lunch. Whew.

  2. Congratulations!! Those are huge victories! One of my husbands friends tried to get us to go out to eat and I told them that I don’t eat at that restaurant. He asked why and I said that I’ve lost 25 pounds and I don’t intend to find them again!

    But when I do go out to eat, it is nice to compare how Old Sarah would have ordered certain (more fried) things and more food! Looking up the nutrition does help me hold back, too!

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