Weekend Rewind and a 10-Mile Bike Ride!

Yes, that’s right y’all. I biked 10 friggin’ miles yesterday, and damn does my behind HURT! lol. Look!

bike selfie

Everyone, seriously wear a helmet when you bike. I know that you feel like a dork but it is totally worth it…my brother had a serious bike accident a few years ago and I know a few other folks who have gotten in some bad bike wrecks, and it’s really important. There’s my plug for safety.

bike trail

More on this later…

We had a great weekend. Friday night was our office dinner at a fancy steakhouse; our VP takes us there each year as a “good job” for making our class, which we did and then some this year. I ordered amaretto-glazed chicken with garlic cheese mashed potatoes. I could only eat about 1/3 of all of my food! I also ordered a giant slice of rich chocolate cake for dessert, but couldn’t eat it because I was so full. I was really proud of myself…it took me 3 whole days to eat that cake, I finished it up yesterday!! (I snuck some bites in when we got home that night). At any rate, it was a great time, and I ate less than I thought I was going to.

Saturday was a major relax day for us, which we haven’t had in a loooooong time. We did manage to take Clara out on the trail for a walk, because it was really beautiful out. Patrick went on 2 walks himself that day…one before I woke up, and the one that we took Clara on! I was proud of him. The rest of the day I spent deep cleaning our microwave and our shower. That whole “mix 1 c. vinegar and 1 c. water and heat in microwave for 10 minutes then wipe clean” thing really DOES work, y’all! I tried it and our microwave is BEAUTEOUS now. It was disgusting before. I thought about taking before and after pics but I was so embarrassed about how it looked before that I quickly nixed that idea. I used vinegar and dish soap on the shower, and that worked pretty well too. Saturday evening was spent hanging out @ Bre and Scott’s w/ our friends to talk about Gencon, as event submission was yesterday and we needed to get all of our events in order.

Yesterday was an absolutely GORGEOUS day. I mean seriously, it was so nice, and not very hot. (Which is a rare but lovely combo here in the Hoosier state). We went to church, came home and did our event submissions for Gencon, and then relaxed for a bit. With the exception of one event on Patrick’s list, we got all the events we wanted, so that’s awesome! Now we just have to wait until mid-August 😦

Yesterday afternoon Patrick decided that he wanted to go play disc golf, but I wasn’t feeling it. So, while he went to be active, I decided I should be active too, and hopped on my bike. At first I was just going to ride to the campus where I work and back (it’s only about 12 min away on bike), but then I felt so good that I just kept going. 10 miles and 2 SHAKY ASS legs later, I was back at home. Ha! I rode all the way to Bre and Scott’s house (which is 4 miles from our place) and then to the park where Patrick was (another couple miles) and back. It was crazy!!!! I was really proud of myself though. Probably won’t be getting on that bike tonight though, lol. I rode for an hour and 15 minutes, which Weight Watchers tells me was 7 activity points! Woohoo!

Hope you all had a great weekend…I’ll see you on Weigh-in Wednesday!! 🙂

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