Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Good morning, everyone! Ok, so apparently I’ve found the perfect formula for maintaining:



And YES, that is the same picture AND the same number from the past 2 weeks. Boo. It is TOM week this week, so I keep trying to tell myself that maybe it means I actually lost (?), but you and I both know that the last 2 months that I’ve had TOM, I’ve lost…so yeah. Once again, I know this is better than a gain, but I need to get my ass in gear. I skipped zumba again last night. There are plenty of excuses that I’ve got in my head, but none of them were worth actually not going. Boo.

And I have been active this past month, just not anywhere near as active as normal. Slowish walks on the trail and the occasional long bike ride just won’t cut it, weight-loss wise! I need to sweat!

In other news, I am so not proud of how I ate last night. It started out with a delicious, healthy dinner of tilapia and rice. Then TOM was like…eat some chocolate Kelly…you know you want to …and some twizzlers…and oh lord the skinny cow cookie dough ice cream bar–it’s ok because it’s SKINNY COW… yikes yikes yikes.


Picture this (but chocolate)

And then DEFINITELY this

And then DEFINITELY this

Boy did I feel like ish. At least it reminded me why I don’t eat like that anymore…I don’t want to feel like that for a loooong time. lol. I was like “oh GAWD I’m gonna have to put that on the blog for all of the world to see.” Well obv not all of the world but just my small little world of followers. But that’s what this blog is for!! Aight, I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and try to act like I’ve got this under control. No gain is no gain!

Hope you all have great WIW’s!!

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8 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. I know you feel so guilty after nights like those but there’s not a damn thing you can do about them! We’re all human, those nights are going to happen. And you know what? As long as you hop right back on track the next day and keep drinking plenty of water, one slip-up evening like that won’t even register on the scale!

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