NSV Thursday (on Friday!!)


OK So I realize I’m a day behind on my posts this week, but not seeing a computer on Wednesday really put me behind! All should return to normal next week, I promise.

I do actually have a NSV today–I RODE MY BIKE TO WORK! Wooohoo!! So I live abou 12 min from campus on bike…4 minutes by car. I’ve been saying for a few weeks now since I’ve had my mom’s bike that I’m going to ride to work since I live right across from the bike trailhead that runs behind campus, I just haven’t done it until today. It feels so cool to have actually ridden my bike to work! I’m really proud of myself, lol. I haven’t gone to zumba at all this week like I thought I would; turns out the sports and rec center on campus where we have zumba is closed all week because we’re hosting Special Olympics this weekend, so there were no exercise classes. It’ll be hard to get to zumba for me until the week of June 23…boo..because we’ve got church commitments next week and Vacation Bible School that we’re helping with the week after. Ahhhh! I am hoping to ride my bike to and from work on every day that it’s not raining though, and that automatically gets me 15 activity points a week, on top of any other activity that I’ll have. So that is excellent! I also have to walk up a huuuuge hill from where I park my bike to my office, so that is a work out too. Yippee!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I for one am THRILLED because my bff Bre is back from 4 months of military training and I get to see her for the first time tonight. She is a special agent now…how badass is THAT?! Also…IT’S FRIGGIN FRIDAY!!!!


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