Transformation Tuesday…on a Monday!

Happy Monday, y’all! I got so excited about the photos that I’m posting today that I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post! Yesterday, I received the second of my four tshirts in the mail that I plan on wearing to Gencon. It is so cute…it says “Cthul-Who” and has a chthulu on it wearing a fez, lol ! It’s a women’s babydoll 2x…I was worried that it was going to be too small, as women’s sizes often are. It was a bit too small, but I stretched out the bottom, and it fit perfectly! So, drumroll please…transformation here I come!

starting weight
starting photo


I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT! That’s what a 75 lb difference looks like right there. I honestly couldn’t stop staring at the pic on my phone yesterday when I took it. I was like, “is that me? for real? I look AWESOME!” So yeah, I’m getting it. Props to all of my blog buddies out there who are doing the same 🙂 Happy Monday again, and I’ll see you in a couple days for Weigh-in Wednesday!

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