Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy weigh-in Wednesday, everyone! And YAY for it being the middle of the week! I for one feel like this week has really dragged on. I was ready for the weekend on Monday! Here are this week’s weigh-in results:



Woohoo, that’s a 2.4 lb loss this week! I was thrilled when I stepped on the scale, but not surprised, as I have been doing a great job with workouts and eating. I’ve been riding my bike to and from work 2-3 days a week, riding my bike on the weekends, and going back to zumba 1 or 2 times a week. It has really helped kick my metabolism back into gear! In addition, I ate my daily points, my 22 activity points, and only 7 of my weeklies. That’s by far the fewest weeklies I’ve eaten since I was bumped down from 33 points a day to 32 points a day.

Currently, I’m at 195.4 lbs which is only 0.4 lbs away from what my driver’s license SAYS I weigh, lol! I’m pretty pumped about that. I can’t wait to get it changed when I get down to goal weight! In addition, there are some pretty cool things coming up: on July 7, I have my “Simplywell” screening at work. This is a wellness program in which we as employees of the institution can enroll, and by doing different things, get lower premiums on our health insurance. These “things” include tracking health/wellness speakers, getting a massage (!!!), doctor’s appointments, exercise, water intake, etc. At the beginning of each fiscal year, we have to “re-start” and go to get a health screening that includes blood pressure, height, weight, and blood sugar readings. Last year, I weighed 243 at this screening…this year, if I’m able to lose 2.4 more pounds before July 7, I will have lost 50 POUNDS in between the years! I can’t wait to go to the screening 🙂 lol. I’m also only 6.4 lbs away from what I wanted to weigh at Gencon, which is 189…we’ll see if I make it. I have a little over a month to get there. I know I’ll be close!

To finish up this post, I wanted to include the photos that I posted on Monday, just in case y’all missed them. Since I’ve lost 77 pounds as of now, I figured a little “before and after” was necessary!

starting photo

starting weight

AFTER: (picture taken this past Sunday, 6/22/14)

I also got one of my other new Gencon shirts in the mail yesterday, and I LOVE it:

"Time Lord Drinking Team--Timey Wimey to get Wibbley Wobbley!"

“Time Lord Drinking Team–Timey Wimey to get Wibbley Wobbley!”

Isn’t that HILARIOUS?! It is a men’s athletic tee from American Apparel and is an XL…definitely a better fit than the huge 2XL I got from them that I’ll have to alter a bit I think. Anyway, hope you all have a great weigh-in, happy hump day!

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14 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday

  1. Must be a .4 kind of week LOL…you’re .4 lbs away from your driver’s license weight and I’m .4 lbs away from 90 lbs lost! My driver’s license is from 2012 so it says 260 lbs….I don’t renew it until 2018. So whenever I have to use it people won’t believe it’s me.

    You’re looking awesome!

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