Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Howdy! Happy Weigh-in Wednesday!

I, unfortunately, forgot to upload my pic of my scale this week, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that I gained a pound. (I figured most people won’t question my honesty if I’m being for real about gaining, lol!) It was strange…I stepped on the scale the first time yesterday morning and it read, “–40.6,” which would have been the same weight as last week. I ALWAYS step on and off the scale at least once, however, since it’s digital and I want to make sure that it stays the same in between readings. Well, the second time I stepped on, it said “–39.6.” Boo. So I stepped on again…and again…and 3 more times…and they all read “39.6.” So, I figured that’s the one that was accurate. My Quantum scale has NEVER had two readings in one morning, so that was a little odd. Oh well!

I’m pretty sure that my gain was due to all the normal gain-ish type things: only getting 19 activity points, and, ahem…some food that was super delish but not so good for me. I made an over-the-top Reese’s Peanut Butter Poke cake from Six Sisters’ Stuff (recipe here…view at your own risk, lol) for game day on Saturday and OH MY WORD WHY DID I TAKE IT BACK HOME WITH ME. My God, so delicious. So then I ate some on Sunday, then on Monday…then I FINALLY said “enough is enough” and brought it to work and my coworkers finished it, thank GOD. Yikes. 1/12th of that cake is 20 points y’all, and that’s with lite cool whip and neufchatel cheese instead of full-fledged cream cheese. Phew. So 1 lb is totally understandable.

I also made this (stupidly) on the night before my weigh in:

smothered chicken

Smothered friggin’ chicken. (And yes,that’s actually the dish in that pic that I made! So proud.) I’ve seen this recipe from South Your Mouth all OVER the place on Pinterest, and decided to give it a try. Holy hellballs, batman…it is so delicious. But there is LOTS of salt, and I did eat it right before my weigh-in. oops. Oh well, gains are normal, and at this point in my nearly 2 years of a weight-loss journey, I don’t let them get me down.

I ate right yesterday and went to zumba last night, then rode my bike to work this morning. I’m gettin’ it! Hope you all have great weigh-ins 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Not letting a gain get you down is an awesome mindset. And it’s just a blip on your weight loss journey.

    And that chicken looks amazing. Yum!

    Holy crap, woman, I just looked at that picture of the cake and I gained a pound. YUM!!!

  2. Just fits in with the WW topic this week…what do you do when you slip up. Wonderful not feeling guilty! As long as you own it and move on it’s all good!

  3. Sorry about the gain, but that cake looks like it was so worth it! You’ll do better this week! I actually have a cheap weight watchers scale that I get on about 8 times before I decide on the number it gave me most frequently. It’s a little weird and OCD of me.

    • Haha yeah scales can be so weird. That’s the first time in almost a year that my Quantum has done that. I actually think it needs new batteries…sometimes it has trouble now “waking up” when I move it before stepping on it. Weird!!

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