NSV Thursday


I realize that I haven’t posted an NSV Thursday for a couple of weeks, and it is long overdue! This week I have two short and sweet NSVs.

My boss returned from her vacation last week after being gone for 2 weeks. In that time, I think I’d maybe lost a few pounds or so. When she got back, she was walking with me, and said “Kelly, you look like you’ve lost even more since I’ve been gone!” And since I had, I said, “why yes, I have. Thanks so much !!” So that was exciting to know that she could even tell a difference after being gone for just two weeks.

Last night we had our big closing banquet at work for the summer program we have for high school students on campus. There were LOTS of goodies to eat for dessert, including brownies, chocolate cake, cherry pie, and apple pie. I walked RIGHT PAST that table without even giving it a second thought and skipped dessert (I mean lesbehonest…I’ve had enough cake in the past week to last me a while, am I right?!). NO DESSERT! It was a great victory. I also skipped the pop line and just got water. I had a delicious meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Yum!

At any rate, I feel like I’m doing pretty well so far this week. Tomorrow for the 4th we are headed to the town over to see fireworks and eat…gasp…FESTIVAL FOOD. I can’t wait. I love festival food so much, and I haven’t touched my activity points this week specifically so I can indulge in some fried oreos or some such goodness tomorrow. It should be fun! Saturday, we’re gaming, and Sunday we’ll have church. We may also go bowling with Bre and Scott on Sunday night; we went last week because it’s only $6 per person for 3 hours of bowling, and since we have NOTHING on Sunday nights now that GoT is over and Walking Dead hasn’t started, it’s a good way to spend the time. I also was proud of myself for NOT getting fried chicken tenders at the bowling alley last week…I wanted some SO BAD, but I said no 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy 4th!

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7 thoughts on “NSV Thursday

  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend coming up! Great job on skipping ALL those goodies and enjoy yourself at the Food festival! (We are struggling with Sunday nights too but for an alltogether different reason – the whole True Blood fiasco). I’d prefer to watch ANYTHING but that. They jumped the shark big time.

  2. Food is definitely the hard thing! I know there are some older ladies at work who can’t work up a good sweat due to their heart conditions, so they are losing soley through diet. I wanted to give them a gold medal. That’s hard! Go and brush your shoulders off! (and proceed to get your gold medal!). Those desserts didn’t even exist to you – awesome!

    PS I walked through a very empty Indiana Convention Center on Sunday and was like “eeek, GenCon is coming up!!! and this place will look SO different!”

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