Weigh-in Wednesday

Frustrated this week!

Weigh In Wednesday


That’s 0.6 lbs up this week. Typically, I have a pretty good idea of whether or not I will gain, lose, or maintain when I step on the scale each Tuesday morning. Last week, I figured I’d gain or stay the same–I had eaten a lot and only gotten 18 activity points. This week, however, I was SURE that I’d lose when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning. I got 30 activity points this week between 1 zumba class and 18 miles of bike riding!! I also ate only my activity points in addition to my daily points as well as 10 of the 49 extra points. That is typically my formula for maximum weight loss. Sigh. Alas, I was disappointed to see a 0.6 gain.

I think that this must be muscle building from all the bike riding I’ve been doing–18 miles is a lot of bike riding in one week, probably more than I’ve ever done. There’s also a slight possibility that I am due for an upped dosage on my thyroid meds. Last time my thyroid meds needed upped, I either gained or maintained for an entire month and a half despite my best efforts to eat right and exercise. That was a year and four months ago, so it may be time for another upped dosage. I’ll get my blood drawn at the end of the week to check–I was supposed to do that 4 months ago, oops!

Either way, this is not going to de-rail me. I have been doing this weight-loss journey thing for almost 2 years now, and these weeks TOTALLY happen to everyone…does it make it less frustrating? No. But the difference is that I won’t let it get me down, make me quit, or spite-eat. (Which, btw, I have discovered that I am totally a spite-eater…a bit different than a stress-eater…I eat when I’m angry, lol). So, still chugging along over here. I do have some NSV’s this week that I’ll wait to share until tomorrow’s post, but I am focusing on those. They’re what matter, anyway!

Hope you all have great weigh-ins…see you tomorrow!

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12 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. UGH – Samesies! I’m up 0.6lbs too… and I thought I did pretty well. Muscle… I’m sure it is just muscle.

    I’m an angry eater too… and a stress eater… and a happy eater… I could go on.

    Best of luck next week!

  2. Ahhhh sorry about the stupid scale but I’m willing to bet that it’s your first idea. The fact that you are KILLING it with the bike riding. I bet you are gaining some muscle too. I think I’m sorta in the same boat since I’m back to running (a tiny bit) more so I think my muscles are starting to re-form, thus no weight loss…

    Spite eating. I love it. Never really thought about it but I bet it is a thing! LOL

  3. Sorry about the weight gain, but I think you’re probably correct in saying it’s muscle. If I do an intense workout the day before a weigh in, I almost always see a gain. It sucks!

  4. That is frustrating. I’m sorry. Like other said, your attitude seems great and I think that’ll help keep things moving. I can’t wait to see your NSVs.

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