NSV(s) Thursday


Howdy! It is an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL day here, and I am stuck inside at work. Oh well. It is still nice to observe the beautiful-ness of the weather through my huge window!

I have a couple of NSVs this week that I’m excited to share. First, is the obvious that I biked 18 miles last week. I was SUPER proud of myself for this…that’s a lot of miles! I felt great while doing it, too. Exercise gets easier and more fun as you lose more weight, I promise! Sometimes it really sucks still…but mostly, it’s great.

On Tuesday evening I was REALLY pissed because I made a dinner that I was looking forward to, and it really didn’t turn out right. Long story short, the chicken didn’t get cooked, and I just really couldn’t do anything with it. So we had to settle for FAST ham and cheese sandwiches that were just blah. I was also really angry that I’d gained 0.6 lbs that morning, so there was that. We played at the taize church service that night, and I wanted NOTHING MORE than to get a giant DQ blizzard on the way home. I mean, not just the tiny little mini-blizzard that I’ll treat myself to every once in a blue moon…I mean like an xtra large cookie dough or peanut butter pie blizzard. It was calling my name. I wanted that ish SO BAD. BUT, I made Patrick drive past DQ, and settled for a small piece of angel food cake at home with fat free cool whip. It was only 5 points, whereas a giant blizzard woulda been like 40+ (not exaggerating here, people). So I was really proud of myself for that.

Yesterday morning, I had my Simplywell screening at work. Simplywell is a program where we get screened for health stuff (they take height, weight, blood pressure, 3 different types of cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar) and then we participate in tracking health like thingies to get reduced $ on our health insurance premiums. When I went to get my screening last year in July, I was at 243 lbs. Yesterday, the scale weighed me in at 198. THAT IS A 45 LB DIFFERENCE, Y’ALL. I really wanted to be 50 lbs down, but that’s ok. 45 is still awesome…especially because as I sat waiting (lol, I first typed “weight-ing”) for my results, I thought…holy crap…if I lose 45 lbs between this year’s screening and NEXT year’s screening, I will be at 153!!! WHAT THE WHAT. So that was awesome. My cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure numbers were great, and all better than last year’s. My triglycerides are a little high and were higher than last year, but my diet is not the best (I will admit that every single day) and it’s understandable. I need to try and work on eating cleaner, I know. I met w/ the “health counselor” who told me my numbers were great, and I straight up was like “yeah well I’ve lost 75 lbs” (no shame, like Penelope on SNL) and she was like OMG AWESOME ETC ETC. So that was nice.

Last night, I went to a family cookout and saw a lot of family I hadn’t seen in a while. They were all so complimentary and it was SO nice, and my cousin Emily who is a physician’s asst was like “I can’t believe you’ve done all of this on your OWN. Like you don’t go to meetings or anything, that is amazing!” And then I explained to her that it hasn’t been on my own…much of it has been thanks to this blog, and to my AWESOME blogger buddies out there. Seriously (sappy time), you guys are all amazing and it has been incredible to see all of us traveling this journey together. I’d have NEVER lost 75 lbs without my supporters and readers, and for that, I thank you all. You are the best!

I think those are the NSVs for this week. Reading back through them, I don’t give two ish’s about that 0.6 lbs yesterday. The scale is just the scale. The NSVs are fo REAL. Yeah, this is me after patting myself on the back just now


Hope you all have a great Thursday–peace, y’all!

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