Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday


WIW 7.15

Damn, I forgot to send the pic of my scale number again this week!! Stupid pms and making my brain forget about everything. OK, so obv as I just made an allusion to PMS, it’s TOM week. Joy and rapture. I have had a friggin’ headache every day since TOM came to visit on Sunday, and it is consistently a pain in the ass. Well, I guess it’s a pain in the head, but still. It is driving me nuts ! I’m poppin’ tylenol like crazy, but since it’s doing double duty on cramps and headache…well, yeah. Sorry for the TMI rant y’all, I didn’t expect that at all this morning, lol!

Despite all of that nonsense, I did manage to lose 1.2 lbs this week, so I’m back down at 195.8 lbs. My lowest EVA on this weight loss journey is 195.4, so I am close to getting back down there. I’d love to be at 189 by Gencon (in 29 days), but I’m not sure if that’s feasible. My loss this week does make me think, however, that last week’s gain must’ve been muscle. I didn’t work out as much as last week, but I still managed to get 23 activity points in with one session of zumba last Thursday and 12 miles biking total over the week.

I was SURE I’d see a gain yesterday because of the fewer workouts and also because I met a great friend at the local Irish pub Friday night. 🙂 I had eaten cereal early that night as my dinner (I know, I know…cereal for dinner is not nutritionally sound…I probably do it more than I should lol), because I was planning on having 3 beers (Guinness, to be exact). I DID have those three beers, but wasn’t planning on eating any food. My friend, however, had other things in mind. Like nachos, grilled cheese with 4 DIFFERENT CHEESES ON IT and potato cakes, and fried oreos and ice cream. I shit you not people, this is what we ate that night. The waiter looked at us like we were insane when we wanted 4 different cheeses on the grilled cheese…lol. Granted, we split all of it, but I counted that I probably consumed about 30 points of food alone THAT NIGHT. To put that in perspective, I only get 32 daily points of food…that’s PER DAY. So yeah. Needless to say, I ate all of my activity points last week and most of my 49 extra weeklies… I finished the week with 15 remaining weeklies.

Aaaaaaaaand still I lost. My body is a mystery. But I’m not complaining! I think all the biking and muscle is revving up the metabolism again, so I just have to keep it up. This week, if all goes according to my workout plan, I’ll earn 31 activity points and bike 17 miles total!! Woohoo. I may do less than that, because that schedule doesn’t allow for a “rest” day, but I’m cool with that. Today I’m only riding my bike home from work because I left it here Monday–it was storming and I couldn’t ride home. So a quick 1 mile bike ride home is really like a rest day for me, because it feels like nothing. Isn’t that AMAZING? I’m trying to fathom riding a mile home (uphill-ish, btw) 75 pounds ago. Yeah. friggin’. right. !!

I will go back in and post the pic of my scale that says “–40.2” tomorrow morning, if I remember. But for now y’all are gonna have to trust me! Hope you have a great weigh-in!

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10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. A good loss during TOM?! That’s pretty incredible!! Keep up the amazing work!!

    Hope your headaches get better too… I suffer from them terribly and I know they’re no fun! So fun being a lady sometimes, isn’t it?! 😉

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