Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Here we are again, linking up with Heather and Ash for yet another weigh-in Wednesday! Here’s what the scale said yesterday morning:



I realized a few weeks ago that I could just crop my ugly feet out of the picture, lol, so that’s what I’ve started doing. At any rate, that’s a loss of 1.2 pounds again this week! This puts me at 194.6, which is officially my lowest weight on this weight loss journey, with a total loss of 78.4 pounds. It’s also officially less than what my driver’s license says I weigh; granted, my driver’s license says “195”, so it’s only a 0.4 lb difference, but I don’t care! It’s pretty exciting. I REALLY need to track my measurements, I have been slacking on that. I usually do that in the morning though, and typically I am SO rushed that it’s hard for me to squeeze it in…I can barely manage to wake up 5 minutes early on Tuesdays for weigh-in day!

I got about 15/16 miles in on the bike this past week, and did two 60 minute sessions of zumba. I sweated a lot! I also ate all of the 28 activity points I earned plus an extra 12 of my 49 weekly points. This upcoming week, I should probably get around 30 or so activity points. I think I’ll be “resting” today–it’s raining outside so I couldn’t ride my bike to work, and we have to go over to Bre and Scott’s tonight for a LARP planning meeting…GENCON IS ONLY 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY! I can’t believe it. I’m super stoked! Speaking of which, here is me in my awesome costume for our LARP, which takes place on the Titanic:

gencon costume

I think I had posted this before, but I didn’t have the hat/fascinator at that point. I totally look like I belong in the early 20th century, am I right?!?

I think that’s it for now–hope you all have great weigh-ins!

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19 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Great loss – congrats on being at your lowest yet 🙂 Can’t wait until I am less than my driver’s license – it will be awhile since I fudged so much on it 😦

  2. Yay for weighing less than your license says! I got to that point (mine says 215) and I was like wooohooo I’m not a liar. Then I was under 215 and, welp, I’m a liar again, but it a good way 🙂

    I LOVE your gencon LARP costume!!! What day is this particular LARP scheduled? I am finalizing my schedule to work registration Tues-Thurs, and hoping to get a shift on Friday too. My church is opening another location that weekend, so I can’t be around for those days (boooooo, i love the parade of everyone’s cosplays!).

    • Thanks so much!! Yeah, someday I will get my license changed to say the RIGHT thing, lol!

      Our LARP is scheduled for Saturday evening, unfortunately : ( It should be a lot of fun! If you want to email me at inittoloseit13@gmail.com w/ your contact info, I can try to drop by registration on Thursday! !!

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