NSV Thursday (on Friday!)

So sorry everyone, I totally meant to post yesterday but got really busy at work and forgot!


OK, so this week I have an awesome NSV to share. One of my coworkers over in the Financial Aid Office has recently lost quite a bit of weight as well. A couple of months ago when I was talking to her about needing new pants, she said, “well, I have several pairs of 16W’s that you could have!” At that point, I was just in 18’s and didn’t think they’d work. But last week, the 18’s were feeling really big on me, so I asked her if I could borrow those pants just to try them on. In my mind, there was NO WAY I’d be fitting into a 16, but it was at least worth the try.

So, she brought them in (6 pairs of pants! 2 black work pants, 1 navy, 1 khaki, and 1 jean capris) and I took them home. I got ready to try them on and just thought to myself, “Kelly, it’s no big deal if these don’t fit yet. This is a slow process and even if they don’t fit now, they WILL.” And then I tried them on, and was astonished to find that each and every single one of them FIT. Not only did they all fit, they were each just the tiniest bit roomy!! What!! I say that now and one of the pairs I’m wearing feels just a tiny bit tight–I think that may be from all the EATING I’ve done in the past week, damnit. Oh well. At any rate, they all freaking fit! I’m in a size 16 now! Granted, they are 16 W’s..I have no clue what that W means, but I’m guessing it kind of is a little bit bigger than actual 16’s. I don’t care though, I’m counting it as a 16.

Way back when I started this weight loss journey, I was pushing a size 26, and now I’m at a 16. I’d say that’s a huge NSV!

Hope y’all have a great weekend. We have good friends from college in town, which was my present to Patrick for finishing mechanic school, which he did last week. So proud of him!

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8 thoughts on “NSV Thursday (on Friday!)

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