Weigh-in Wednesday

Well, Gencon was AWESOME. Like, super duper awesome. But because today is my first day back at work, I’ve got lots of catching up to do, so I’ll post my weigh-in results for the week and then do a Gencon recap tomorrow:



This means I gained 0.8 lbs while at Gencon. I am SO not complaining…with all the junk and beer I ate/drank, I’m not surprised. I did do TONS of walking, but the bellydance and burlesque classes were far less of a workout than I thought they’d be…sigh. Oh well, back on the wagon and going strong! Hoping to see that 0.8 lbs gone in the next week or two.

Linking up w/ Heather and Ash this week…Gencon recap tomorrow!

Weigh In Wednesday

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