Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy Weigh-in Wednesday, y’all! I am mostly back in a routine after moving to our new home and various *issues*. So, when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, I was really expecting a gain. Instead, I saw this delightful little tidbit:



That’s –1.4 lbs since last week! I was totally stunned. This puts me at 192.8, my lowest weight in this weight loss journey, wahoo! I was surprised mostly because I had been super stressed with moving the week before, and I hadn’t “worked out” at all. Why was I so stressed? Well, moving in and of itself is super stressful, however, after getting all our CRAP to our new house and turning in the keys for our old apt, we were relaxing in the living room with a bunch of friends (this was this past Saturday) when all of a sudden, we all noticed that it was pretty hot in there. So, Patrick checked the thermostat and went outside–the AC unit wasn’t running. He tried flipping the breaker and all that good stuff–nothing. So, our AC broke on our first full day in our new home–what an initiation into home ownership!

Now Indiana had been REALLY nice and cool all summer, and then BAM this past week it was typical Hoosier heat and humidity. We were without AC from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon–a full 48 hours. The highest temp it got in our house was 85 F, which believe me, is HOT in a house. Our poor doggie was panting like crazy, and we felt like crap. However, we were able to get somebody out on Monday, and get it fixed for only $100! (It ended up being a blown fuse). I was thrilled!

I was super stressed during this time, and ate whatever I wanted (although I did manage to NOT eat all my weekly points this week). I think the sweating from being in the non-AC and the moving boxes/etc may have contributed to the weight loss, but who knows. Life is a mystery.

At any rate, we’re in our new house WITH AC and life is mostly back to normal. I’m definitely back on track, and this loss yesterday really helped my mindset to move forward again. Of course, I leave for travel season the week after next, so that’s yet another wrench to be thrown in–but what fun would life be if not for the wrenches? lol. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

Hope you all have great weigh-ins…Gencon update to come as soon as Frontier gets our damn wireless internet hooked up so I can email myself the pics!!

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