Gencon Recap!

OK, so FINALLY I am getting my ish together and posting a Gencon recap. Pics are going to have to come at a different time, because I keep forgetting them!

I am getting ready to leave for my first travel trip tomorrow so I had my good buddy Desiree at Finding the Skinny Geek Within forward me the email I sent her recapping Gencon. I am running SO short on time that this is the only way I know I will get a Gencon recap to you all. So, here it is, in all its glory (y’all should check out her blog, btw…she’s the best!) Sorry for the emailish nature of this post, it was, as I said, an email! :

“So Gencon. Um, it was awesome as usual, although this year I didn’t game enough (oddly enough, right?) We got there around 3pm on Wednesday and went to the beer garten as soon as it opened…yum yum. Then we went to the Ram which is a big restaurant downtown where they brew their own beer…a lot of restaurants downtown have really nice specialty Gencon menus that are really creative names for their own menus, really, but it’s fun. (Theirs was called the Omnomnomicon, lol–pic to come later!) We then went back to the beer garten, drank more, then headed back to our hotel to play a little of 5th edition DnD since now the PHB’s are out, yay!

On Thursday, I had a seminar at 10am called “The first time GM”. (Game master, for those of you who don’t know). It was was just this older guy basically telling stories about all these times he has GM’d games. It did help me calm my nerves for the LARP that we were going to be running a little though, because he was talking about how when you’re a GM, keep in mind that when someone asks you a question, you HAVE TO GIVE THEM AN ANSWER. And what if you don’t know the answer? It doesn’t matter..make it up, you’re the GM!!! So that really really helped me, and came in super handy for the LARP. LOL more on that later…

After that, I went to the vendor hall and just walked around and ooohed and ahhhed at all the booths. That’s honestly what I spent the majority of my time doing, it was so awesome. I love the vendor hall, one of my fave parts of Gencon. It’s so massive….I was seeing things that I’d never seen before even in like my 9th or 10th trip in there. Amazing, and just people demo’ing games all over the damn place. THAT’S what I wish I would’ve done more of, but I get so nervous demo’ing games in there with random people, because I’m the kind of person that complicated games take a while to sink into my head and such…so yeah. Oh well. I need to just get the eff over it because no one at Gencon cares lol.

Ummm I’m trying to remember what we did Thursday. We went and got some food, then just chilled, then at 8 we started going on this “Haunted Walking Tour of Indy” which could have been AWESOME but our tour guide was horrible so we left like 10 min into it, went back to the hotel, and gamed. lol.

Friday was my super packed day…I had all kinds of events and stuff scheduled. The first at 9am was “Hickman’s Killer Breakfast” where Tracy and Laura Hickman (fantasy authors) “kill people” in a cooperative storytelling game. We are kind of thinking that it may be Tracy Hickman/Laura Hickman’s last year at Gencon this year as he is having some health issues. We left the breakfast early to go to BELLYDANCING but Killer Breakfast wasn’t as funny as it was last year. Oh well.

Bellydancing was SUPER fun, and really hard. The woman teaching it was a FABULOUS awesome beautiful fluffy lady, and looked SO GOOD bellydancing and it made me really comfortable instantly in the class, so I had a lot of fun. The hardest part was that we shimmied for like 6 minutes and DAMN it is a workout. But the rest of the class wasn’t much of a workout, womp womp. I think they try to keep it really easy and toned down because there are women of all shapes and sizes and comfy exercise levels, so yeah. I forget now that going to zumba like 3 + times a week is NOT average for most people. (Although I haven’t been to zumba now for several weeks, eek!)

After bellydancing, my friend Alona and I went to get some lunch at Hard Rock and it was really good. It was her first Gencon, and I think she had a great time!

Hmmm…after that we went to the vendor hall again, then off to burlesque for the bedroom. Ok I was hoping for a hardcore workout in this too, but not so much. AND…there were MEN in the class. MEN. WTF?!?! I mean there were probably like 20 women and 2 men, but still. The one dude was ok cause it was clear he was there with his wife/partner/lover/whatever, but the other guy it was obvious he was just like there to see some people take their clothes off. and DAYUM people were taking their damn clothes off! I mean like everyone kept their panties and bras on but pants and shirts were coming off and I was like NOPE NO THANK YOU. So it was fun but super not a workout. Sigh. I would do it again though because I liked the teacher and it was really fun.

After burlesque we went to the beergarten again (sensing a theme here?), then decided to go to the Tilted Kilt for more beer/dinner. The Tilted Kilt is this bar/restaurant downtown that is Irish/Scottish themed with food and whatnot but it’s like Hooters in the fact that the waitresses wear tiny little tops with tartan stuff and little “kilt” skirts so needless to say the boys LOVED it. but honestly it was happy hour and their food/prices were SO good…I got dinner and 2 craft beers for $17 so i was like I don’t CARE what these waitresses are wearing! lol and then we went BACK to the beergarten. I proceeded to get pretty buzzed this night, which was totally worth it, lol.

Saturday, we spent the morning getting over our hangovers and then hanging out in the vendor hall. I bought SO MUCH STUFF (we came home with 9 new games!), but I managed to come home with like 1/2 my spending money that I’d allowed for myself. Idk why I didn’t spend it all, but I’m glad I didn’t because we ended up renting a Uhaul to move and we needed the $ I didn’t spend. Then Saturday night was our LARP….

It was frakking. AWESOME! omg. I was so, so, so nervous. We had a full game (53 players) so it was really exciting. Once things started, it got crazy. People were going insane and yelling “WE NEED A GM OVER HERE” every 2 seconds because of combat that they needed resolved. Holy crap, that guy was SO RIGHT when he said you just have to make ish up as a GM. That’s exactly what I did, and it WORKED! It was amazing! And people loved it!! After the 4 hour game (that totally FLEW by), we had a recap…and almost 100% of the participants who could stay, stayed for an HOUR to talk about it, which is a great sign. The guys from “Iocane Productions,” (they are reputed to have one of if not THE best LARP at Gencon) LARPED in the event and told us that it was an awesome LARP, so that was fantastic to hear that from the experts. Honestly, I can’t take much credit…Bre did almost everything, but we did put a lot of time and effort into creating it and GMing is SO MUCH FUN. I can’t wait to GM a tabletop game…I honestly don’t want to GM a LARP again…too much work…but I can handle tabletop. This gave me the confidence I needed to run a game in our good group of friends now…nothing like busting into the Game Master scene by GM’ing a 50+ player live action role playing game at the biggest gaming convention in the world…lol!

Saturday night we just chilled, then on Sunday we all kind of did our own thing. Scott ran an Outbreak Game (do you know the first show King of the Nerds, where that guy Ivan competed? Ivan works for the company that makes Outbreak, a zombie survival game, and they LOVE Scott…they always want him to GM stuff at Gencon…we were supposed to drink with Ivan on Wednesday night but it didn’t happen. Oh well!)

So we just shopped, then ate with Bre and Scott, then went home. I took a pic of all my loot that I’ll have to post later. I can tell you now that I bought a TARDIS BIRD FEEDER that is awesome as well as Doctor Who Risk and I ate some Jammie Dodgers. So awesome!”

Something that I failed to mention in my email to Des is that I got to MEET one of my blog buddies, Melissa, from Faster in Water!!! It was really cool–she volunteers at Gencon each year, and had contacted me to meet up, so we got to meet and chat for a few minutes outside the beer garten!! It was awesome (and I def have a pic of us, just gotta post it…she looks fantastic!!!)

Yay! So there you have it folks. It was indeed, as always promised each year, THE BEST 4 DAYS IN GAMING. 🙂 Have a great week, y’all–I’ll post when I get back from my first travel trip next week!

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