Another Tuesday Weigh-In Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

OK folks, sorry to do this to you again, but I am leaving on my first work travel trip this evening and won’t be able to weigh myself tomorrow! I’ll make sure to add my link tomorrow, but for now, I’ll put the post up today.

So, here is some shocking news:



I didn’t crop the picture because I wanted people to actually believe that that was me standing on that scale, lol…I lost 1 lb this week!! How in the HELL this happened, I literally have no idea. None. I ate like junk and I basically took ONE 30 minute walk for my exercise all week. Plus, it’s TOM week…wtf? Just another case of me not understanding my body, like, ever. Oh well…This is NOT me complaining, it’s me just being very shocked and still not really believing that I lost a pound this week. BUT I’LL TAKE IT, DAMNIT!

This puts me at 191.4. I’m so close to my next mini-goal of 189!! Wahoo! Now, travel season is hard, y’all. This is the challenging time of year for me…some people are challenged by the holidays, some by summer when their kids are out of school…my challenge is travel season. I am on the road for usually 6 or so weeks of the year in the fall, and I eat out for every meal and am forced to use hotel gyms. Granted, I’ll probably get more exercise this week at my hotel gym than I did last week…but still, when you’ve got the option of getting some restaurant’s carside to go and going back to your comfy hotel room to EAT ON YOUR BED WHILE WATCHING TV ( I mean come on, those of you who have traveled for work, I know you’ve done it–it’s the best!!!), it can be pretty hard to motivate yourself to put real clothes on and go down to the gym. But last year I made myself do it, and I mostly maintained weight during travel (with the exception of Michigan…oops!) At any rate, it’s hard, but it’s a good challenge. I’m READY TO GO! Yay!

Updates next week on my first trip. Love you all!

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