Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Hi everyone! It’s weigh-in Wednesday! I had a pretty great time on my first travel trip in Cincinnati last week, and got to see some old friends. I ate A LOT as per usual in Cincinnati, but made some good choices too and spent some minutes on either the treadmill or elliptical each day I was there. So when I got on the scale yesterday morning, I was happy to see this:



That’s a loss of 1 lb! Yay! That puts me at 190.4, which is SO close to my next mini goal of 189. We’ll see what happens next week; I’m not going to get a chance to work out as much this week because our national conference, NACAC (stands for National Association of College Admission Counseling), is in Indianapolis starting tomorrow and I will be very, very busy there. I’m excited to go though!

Here are some photos from the road. Here’s reason #1 admissions travel is difficult when you’re trying to stay on plan:


Yeeeeeah. High schools are AWESOME when they give you these things. They know you are driving to multiple schools a day, you’re tired, hungry, and trying to understand your GPS and be on time considering things like bad drivers and traffic. So many high schools will put together these little bags of happy to get you through the day…and I LOVE this, so high schools, don’t stop doing it. lol. But it just makes staying on plan food-wise hard when you’ve got all these things calling your name from your passenger seat! Here are some other photos. I meant to take more but kept forgetting–sorry! I’ll try to do better on my next trip…

thru garden 1

hofbrau 4

chicago's pizza

I was able to see a couple sorority sisters–we went to Hofbrauhaus Newport (like fave place eva) and got beer and chilled out. Look at how cute we are!

hofbrau 1

hofbrau 3

hofbrau 2

At any rate, it was a fun trip, and I am EXHAUSTED but am leaving for my next trip (NACAC) tomorrow. Then I head to my OTHER trip on Sunday. Crazy town! Today is also my 3 year wedding anniversary with the bestest hubby ever. I love you, Patrick! OK…off to pack and get ready for the conference! More to come in a long while…I won’t be back from travel until next Friday. I’ll miss you all!

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