Weigh-in Wednesday!

Ahhh, why do the weeks pass so quickly!? I just realized that because I get paid once a month, I only have ONE more payday until Christmas. What.

Soooo….it’s that time of week again…weigh-in Wednesday.

Weigh In Wednesday

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the scale yesterday morning. So, I took a deep breath, stepped on, and saw this:



That’s down exactly one pound from last week! Yay! I am FINALLY in the 180’s!! Yippee! This puts me at 189.2. I do all my pictures of myself every 10 pounds, and when I lose these measly 0.2 lbs, I can take a pic at 189. Yay!

I did an ok job this week with exercise and food–good enough to lose, I suppose. I earned 22 activity points, mostly being on the elliptical at the local Y but also dancing for about an hour at the wedding on Saturday. I did ok food-wise, but had a lot to drink at the wedding (way more than I was planning–but hey, I had a good time!)

This week, I’m planning on getting about 34 activity points, if I stick to the plan. Last night I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical (ummm that’s like 7 activity points if I keep a speed of 5.0+, which I do. I can usually cover 2.3 miles or so on the elliptical in 30 min!) Tonight is a rest night because we have church choir rehearsal–tomorrow is 60 minutes of zumba, Friday is rest day, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will all be 30 min on the elliptical each.

I had not discovered the elliptical until travel season when I would go down and use it at each of my hotel gyms. I remember once in college (when I weighed probably between 240-250 lbs or so) I went to the gym (ONCE in 4 years) with a friend and thought I’d try the elliptical. I think maybe I lasted for a minute or two before I had to quit. So, being able to do 30 minutes straight at 5+ mph is a huge deal for me. I have done 45 min on the elliptical ONCE at a hotel during travel, but never since. I could do it again though if I needed to.

I try to change up my workouts when I can so that 1. I don’t get bored and 2. my muscles get surprised. I think after the elliptical phase goes out of style for me, I will go to the stationary bike. I’m also considering weight training for weight loss. More on that in future posts! Happy weigh-ins, y’all!

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Weekend Rewind

Hi friends!

We had a great, although SUPER busy weekend! On Friday night, I decided that I wanted to make a pizza. So, I got all the ingredients, and made a quick pepperoni, cheese, and green pepper pizza. YUM. Our oven in our new house runs REALLY hot; I am still getting used to accurately timing the baking of things in there…for example, I made cornbread the other night. The recipe calls for 30 minutes at 375 degrees. I put the cornbread in at 375 degrees, but it was totally done cooking at 18 minutes. ???? Anyone have any tips here? Ugh.

On the bright side, it did THIS to my pizza:


Um, YUM. I’ve never had an oven that made the cheese bubble and get that perfect level of brown like that!! It was DELICIOUS. I think the rest of the night, we just hung out and watched documentaries on Netflix (we like to do that.) We saw a particularly awesome “Nature” documentary on Honey Badgers. They are awesome.

On Saturday, Patrick had to work–oh yeah, HE GOT A JOB!! When we bought our new car, he lucked into an interview with the dealership as a lube tech, and got hired in like 2 days!! So he has been there for a little over a week and is really liking it. But, he has to work every other Saturday, and this weekend was one of those. So, I slept in until 9 (it was GLORIOUS) and then did some stuff around the house like laundry and cleaning and some other things. I also sat in our little library and read for a bit with a nice cup of tea. Look at my view outside our library window!

living room tree

library tree

That tree is seriously gorgeous. Look at the one outside my OFFICE window:

office tree

I’m so lucky to have such great windows!

Saturday night, we went to a wedding where the bride was one of my bridesmaids and sorority sisters. One of my other college bff/sorority sisters was there, and we had a BLAST. I know it’s blurry, but here we are:

ally kelly

I can’t believe you can see SPACE in between my arms and my dress! So weird! I danced for probably an hour at that wedding–it was great.

Sunday, we drove back from Indy to get my rental car for my last work trip that I took to Fort Wayne, IN yesterday. We went to eat lunch w/ Bre and Scott at CrackerBarrel since we haven’t seen them in forEVER and that was really fun. Spent the rest of the day catching up on tv, lounging, cleaning, and laundry. Overall, it was a great weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend as well. I’ll be checking in tomorrow for Weigh-in Wednesday!

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NSV Thursday

It has been FOREVER since I’ve done an NSV post, but I figure I better get back to doing it more regularly!


I have 2 NSV’s to report:

1. When I was in Michigan traveling, I was killing some time between high school visits at a Kohl’s. I got CRAZY and decided to pick up a size 14 dress pants from the “Elle” collection women’s section–not plus size, not juniors, but “misses.” I just KNEW they wouldn’t fit, but I had to try…I bring them into the dressing room, and lo and behold–even though they are EXTRA super tight, they pull up and zip on! I couldn’t believe it! That means that in just a few more pounds I will be a size 14. Unbelievable.

2. This morning I was getting dressed and before I put my sweater on, I just HAD to snap a picture. Granted, I know it’s all black and slimming and such, but look at me. I was like DAYUM! (I have a tank top tucked into a black pencil skirt with black tights, although I know you can’t see the bottom). I am so happy with myself right now, and that’s the most important thing. I know I still have 40 or so pounds to lose, but I am thrilled with how I feel about ME. I’ve never felt so confident and beautiful in my life. It’s awesome. Plus, (with the exception of my elbow poking out!)…I fit in the middle mirror pane of our bathroom!! Isn’t that crazy? I used to have to deal with myself looking even more huge than I was, because my torso wouldn’t fit in the 3 panes and so then it made me look even bigger. At any rate, look at this hot mama (if I do say so myself!)



Why is my head so big looking though, lol! It looks HUGE in this pic. Oh well!

Just as a reference, this used to be me:

This is me when I weighed around 265 or 270 in December of 2012!

This is me when I weighed around 265 or 270 in December of 2012!

Yyyyeah. So happy.


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Weigh-in Wednesday!!

FINALLY! For the first time in WEEKS, folks, I am linking up again for my fave linkup–weigh in Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

The last time I officially weighed in for the blog was 9/17/14, so it has been a little over a month. I really felt like I was kind of free-falling without the added check in with the scale.

(For those readers who don’t know, I travel in the fall as an admissions representative for a university. This year, I visited 55 high schools, worked 10 college fairs, traveled in 6 states, including 9 different cities–all within about 6 weeks. I always have a blast, but it is always VERY hard to maintain or lose weight because I eat out for every meal and don’t have a whole whole lot of time for exercise).

I was VERY proud of myself this travel season regarding my workouts–I’d say that I probably was able to get on the elliptical each night of my travel trips about 75-80% of the time. Which is HUGE for me. I made myself go down to the hotel gym and work out for 30 minutes, even if it was 9pm and I’d just felt like I’d been hit by a truck after working a 3 hour college fair. (Those things are a lot of work, I promise…standing and talking non stop for 3 hours repeating the same info to EVERYONE can be exhausting, lol…good thing I love it!) Even though I really did eat a lot of wonderful food and wasn’t QUITE as good as I could have been in that area, I made better choices than I would have last year and also counted every single point of everything I ate everyday (which is HARD on the road). So, here we are:

WIW 10.21

WOOOOOHOO!! Not only did I maintain, I LOST 0.2 lbs! This is a huge victory for me…fall travel season is always kind of a plateau for me naturally, which is why it has taken me so long to lose 85 pounds. But now, I’m back at work and back into my routine, so I can get back to losing. Yippee!

I wasn’t quite as organized this travel season as I was last year, so I didn’t think to take pictures of my food for the blog, which was dumb. So sorry about that friends. I promise I will have more pictures in my upcoming blog posts–especially because all the tree leaves are changing color up here and it is so beautiful.

How were your weigh-ins this week? Hoping for good ones! So glad to be back!

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…to the end of my fall work travel season. I PROMISE I will blog next week with weigh-in Wednesday updates, travel tales, and all that good stuff. But for right now, this is me after visiting 55 high schools and working 10 college fairs this fall within the time span of 1.5 months in 6 different states:



Yyyyyeah. More to come next week! Love to you all and I promise I will get back to consistently reading and commenting on your posts as soon as I am out of this post-travel coma!

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