Weigh-in Wednesday!!

FINALLY! For the first time in WEEKS, folks, I am linking up again for my fave linkup–weigh in Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

The last time I officially weighed in for the blog was 9/17/14, so it has been a little over a month. I really felt like I was kind of free-falling without the added check in with the scale.

(For those readers who don’t know, I travel in the fall as an admissions representative for a university. This year, I visited 55 high schools, worked 10 college fairs, traveled in 6 states, including 9 different cities–all within about 6 weeks. I always have a blast, but it is always VERY hard to maintain or lose weight because I eat out for every meal and don’t have a whole whole lot of time for exercise).

I was VERY proud of myself this travel season regarding my workouts–I’d say that I probably was able to get on the elliptical each night of my travel trips about 75-80% of the time. Which is HUGE for me. I made myself go down to the hotel gym and work out for 30 minutes, even if it was 9pm and I’d just felt like I’d been hit by a truck after working a 3 hour college fair. (Those things are a lot of work, I promise…standing and talking non stop for 3 hours repeating the same info to EVERYONE can be exhausting, lol…good thing I love it!) Even though I really did eat a lot of wonderful food and wasn’t QUITE as good as I could have been in that area, I made better choices than I would have last year and also counted every single point of everything I ate everyday (which is HARD on the road). So, here we are:

WIW 10.21

WOOOOOHOO!! Not only did I maintain, I LOST 0.2 lbs! This is a huge victory for me…fall travel season is always kind of a plateau for me naturally, which is why it has taken me so long to lose 85 pounds. But now, I’m back at work and back into my routine, so I can get back to losing. Yippee!

I wasn’t quite as organized this travel season as I was last year, so I didn’t think to take pictures of my food for the blog, which was dumb. So sorry about that friends. I promise I will have more pictures in my upcoming blog posts–especially because all the tree leaves are changing color up here and it is so beautiful.

How were your weigh-ins this week? Hoping for good ones! So glad to be back!

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