NSV Thursday

It has been FOREVER since I’ve done an NSV post, but I figure I better get back to doing it more regularly!


I have 2 NSV’s to report:

1. When I was in Michigan traveling, I was killing some time between high school visits at a Kohl’s. I got CRAZY and decided to pick up a size 14 dress pants from the “Elle” collection women’s section–not plus size, not juniors, but “misses.” I just KNEW they wouldn’t fit, but I had to try…I bring them into the dressing room, and lo and behold–even though they are EXTRA super tight, they pull up and zip on! I couldn’t believe it! That means that in just a few more pounds I will be a size 14. Unbelievable.

2. This morning I was getting dressed and before I put my sweater on, I just HAD to snap a picture. Granted, I know it’s all black and slimming and such, but look at me. I was like DAYUM! (I have a tank top tucked into a black pencil skirt with black tights, although I know you can’t see the bottom). I am so happy with myself right now, and that’s the most important thing. I know I still have 40 or so pounds to lose, but I am thrilled with how I feel about ME. I’ve never felt so confident and beautiful in my life. It’s awesome. Plus, (with the exception of my elbow poking out!)…I fit in the middle mirror pane of our bathroom!! Isn’t that crazy? I used to have to deal with myself looking even more huge than I was, because my torso wouldn’t fit in the 3 panes and so then it made me look even bigger. At any rate, look at this hot mama (if I do say so myself!)



Why is my head so big looking though, lol! It looks HUGE in this pic. Oh well!

Just as a reference, this used to be me:

This is me when I weighed around 265 or 270 in December of 2012!

This is me when I weighed around 265 or 270 in December of 2012!

Yyyyeah. So happy.


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