Weigh-in Wednesday!

Ahhh, why do the weeks pass so quickly!? I just realized that because I get paid once a month, I only have ONE more payday until Christmas. What.

Soooo….it’s that time of week again…weigh-in Wednesday.

Weigh In Wednesday

I wasn’t sure what to expect on the scale yesterday morning. So, I took a deep breath, stepped on, and saw this:



That’s down exactly one pound from last week! Yay! I am FINALLY in the 180’s!! Yippee! This puts me at 189.2. I do all my pictures of myself every 10 pounds, and when I lose these measly 0.2 lbs, I can take a pic at 189. Yay!

I did an ok job this week with exercise and food–good enough to lose, I suppose. I earned 22 activity points, mostly being on the elliptical at the local Y but also dancing for about an hour at the wedding on Saturday. I did ok food-wise, but had a lot to drink at the wedding (way more than I was planning–but hey, I had a good time!)

This week, I’m planning on getting about 34 activity points, if I stick to the plan. Last night I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical (ummm that’s like 7 activity points if I keep a speed of 5.0+, which I do. I can usually cover 2.3 miles or so on the elliptical in 30 min!) Tonight is a rest night because we have church choir rehearsal–tomorrow is 60 minutes of zumba, Friday is rest day, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will all be 30 min on the elliptical each.

I had not discovered the elliptical until travel season when I would go down and use it at each of my hotel gyms. I remember once in college (when I weighed probably between 240-250 lbs or so) I went to the gym (ONCE in 4 years) with a friend and thought I’d try the elliptical. I think maybe I lasted for a minute or two before I had to quit. So, being able to do 30 minutes straight at 5+ mph is a huge deal for me. I have done 45 min on the elliptical ONCE at a hotel during travel, but never since. I could do it again though if I needed to.

I try to change up my workouts when I can so that 1. I don’t get bored and 2. my muscles get surprised. I think after the elliptical phase goes out of style for me, I will go to the stationary bike. I’m also considering weight training for weight loss. More on that in future posts! Happy weigh-ins, y’all!

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14 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday!

  1. The elliptical is so hard for me–I hate it! I’d rather walk on the treadmill for 800 miles! Congrats on the 180s!!! You are doing so great!!! Thanks for motivating me today:)

  2. Great weight loss for this week! I try to vary my routines as well. I incorporate strength training as often as I can. I just wish I knew more of how to use the machines at the gym. I used to have a trainer, but can’t afford it right now. Can’t wait to continue following your progress!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I think I am going to invest in a good weight training for weight loss book, but I need to do more research. Our YMCA has a lot of machines but I need to learn how to use them first! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the loss for this week. As I read on, I saw that you are down from 240-250 and that is tremendous! Losing weight is hard work and you seem to be doing a good job at it.

    I had to laugh when you said you drank more than you normally would because I can relate to having done that!

  4. Kelly you are so awesome. I’m so proud of you for all the work you’ve put in… and for the record you have always been totally gorgeous! Love you!

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