Super quick WIW

Weigh In Wednesday

OK y’all–way too busy at work to do a proper post, here are this week’s weigh in results:



Yyyyyeah that’s a gain of 3 pounds. There is absolutely NO WAY this is a gain of fat, ya’ll. I did something really stupid on Monday night–I always eat cereal for dinner (which I did) to keep my salt content down the nights before my weigh-in, and I had been planning on going to the Y to do a reaaaally super easy walk around the track. If I do anything too muscle/workout intensive the night before a weigh-in, it usually shows up on the scale. So I got to the Y all prepared to do an easy 30 minute walk around the track, and I saw my friend teaching a zumba class. Without thinking, I was like I KNOW HIM AND THESE SONGS! So I jumped in and did the remaining 30 minutes of zumba. About 1/2 way through I realized oh SHIT I’m not supposed to be doing this but couldn’t very well leave the class. He did a lot of lunges/squats/muscle intense stuff, so I knew I’d be screwed for my weigh in the next morning.

Aaaaaand I was. I have NEVER in 2+ years of this weight loss journey gained 3 pounds in one week. For me, I’d have to eat at McDonald’s every day and not work out once in order for that to happen. SO, I’m blaming this on the zumba. Hopefully this’ll be reflected in next week’s weigh in! I will NOT be discouraged–went to the gym last night regardless and did an intense and sweaty 30 minutes on the elliptical. See y’all next week for next week’s weigh in!

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