New Year’s Eve Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday Happy New Year’s, one and all! I for one cannot believe that it is going to be 2015 tomorrow, but such is life. I have had a WONDERFUL year, and am looking forward to the next one. Here are the jaw-dropping results from this week’s weigh in:



That’s right–that’s a loss of 2.2 POUNDS THIS WEEK! (I’m down to 182.4!!!) I could not believe it when I stepped on the scale. This is a huge victory for me…not only is it the week after Christmas, but it’s TOM week as well. I really think starting to use the weight machines at the Y last week paid off for me this week. I didn’t spend as much time at the gym because of the holidays, but I managed some walking in the woods at my parents’ farm with some big hills, so that helped. I did REALLY well with food and drink for the week, and didn’t go into the red with points like I did during Thanksgiving. I am so proud of myself for my control during this year’s holiday season. This year, I didn’t gain a BIT during the holidays! In fact, I actually lost SEVEN pounds between Thanksgiving and now!! 🙂 I am officially down to the upper half of the “overweight” category on the BMI scale…that’s gotta be a first in YEARS. However, I’m going to be posting in the next few weeks about a book that I read over Christmas about obesity/health/BMI/etc. that has totally changed my outlook on things that I think EVERYONE should read. More to come on that later 🙂 I am totally pumped that I am less than TEN pounds away from being able to say that I’ve lost ONE. HUNDRED. FRIGGIN’. POUNDS. Yippee! Happy New Year’s to all, and to all a goodnight!! Follow on Bloglovin

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