Weigh-in Wednesday

Happy Hump Day, y’all! Linking up w/ Heather, Ash, and Erin for weigh-in Wednesday again!

Weigh In Wednesday

I was worried about gaining this week because of all the food at choir retreat and the fact that I had the flu last week which prevented my normal activity from happening. I was able to earn 14 activity points between walking and other such easy tasks, but that’s about 1/2 of what I usually get per week, so yeah. In addition, with my loss last week, I was bumped from 30 points a day to 29, so that’s always an adjustment Plus, it’s TOM week!! SO when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning, I was very happy to see this:



That’s a loss of 0.6 lbs this week which puts me at 180.2! Yippee! I did do a REALLY good job w/ watching my food at choir retreat (even better than last year), so I was very happy w/ that. I also got some weight lifting in, which I think is really revving up my fat burning 🙂 Yay!

I also did something last night that I’ve never ever done before…bought fresh fish and COOKED IT. I’ve always been scared of cooking fish (mostly because of how it’d make my house smell lol) but it turned out ok. I used a spice rub that I found for fish tacos, and just didn’t put the fish in tacos. In hindsight, that was a bad plan. The fish taco recipe also had a honey lime coleslaw recipe that you put on it and then a creamy mayo type dressing. After making the fish with just the spice rub, it was WAY too salty and I realized that the honey lime slaw and dressing probably served to cut the salt…oh well. I will buy fish again and do something different next time, but it was still pretty good:

I used perch

I used perch

Yum! Well, gonna get to work. Hope you all have great weeks! I did a 30 minute workout on the elliptical last night and was really worried about it because it’d been a while, but it felt awesome! I also did 30 minutes of weight lifting, so I feel “good” today, lol. Glad to get my head back in the game! Soooo close to one hundred pounds lost!

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Choir Retreat 2015

Hi friends!

I had the BEST weekend! Patrick’s mom is a choir director at a church in Indianapolis, and every year, they go down to McCormick’s Creek State Park (outside of Bloomington, IN) for a choir retreat. His mom and dad are SO wonderful and generous and pay for us to participate every year. It is a wonderful time of friendship, good food, games, laughter, and of course, singing. This is my 5th year at this choir retreat and I just love love love it. We look forward to it every year and each year just gets better and better.

I took a few photos this year (not as many as last year):

Patrick's mom totally kicked our butts!

Patrick’s mom totally kicked our butts!

mcc 3

I spent a LOT of time doing this :)

I spent a LOT of time doing this 🙂

Timmy the turtle! We love him!

Timmy the turtle! We love him!

mcc 5

mcc 6

What a great weekend. Re-entry into the real world yesterday was HARD. Weigh-in Wednesday results coming tomorrow, y’all!

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Weigh-in Wednesday

Hi friends! Linking up w/ Heather, Erin, and Ash again!

Weigh In Wednesday

I had the flu this weekend (Saturday-yesterday) and am back at work and feeling extra sluggish. Ugh. Like super in a fog and tired and headachey…boo. But I don’t have a fever, and haven’t since yesterday am, so I am not contagious anymore. Yippee. I thought for sure I would have a gain this week just from feeling icky, but I didn’t:



That’s a loss of 1.2 lbs this week–I’ll take it! Yay! So I’m down to 180.8. I can’t BELIEVE I’m so close to the 170’s. It is seriously unreal.

OK y’all…back to work. I feel so exhausted that I think I need to just end this here. Next week may very probably be a gain–it is TOM week and this weekend is my mother-in-law’s church choir retreat…which is a wonderful weekend of fun, family, singing, and of course…lots of food. Plus, I haven’t been exercising because of the flu and won’t get to exercise much while at retreat, so I’m fully expecting a gain. Life happens, y’all!

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Yummy 4P+ Sausage and Rice Casserole

Hi friends!

I happened upon a DELICIOUS-looking recipe from Mandy at South Your Mouth, one of my fave recipe blogs. I edited a little to lighten it up, and BOOM came out with a delicious dinner that is only 4 points plus per serving! It is outrageously delicious and each serving is huuuuuuge. Here is the original version:

You can find the original version here. Instead of using pork sausage, I used these (my new favorite discovery!!!):


Jimmy Dean’s turkey sausage crumbles are WHERE IT’S AT, Y’ALL. I can use them for this recipe, I can use them for quiche, putting in crescent rolls, casseroles, and other random things. I love them. AND THEY’RE TURKEY. ‘Nuff said.

Anyway, I use 8 oz of these sausage crumbles for this recipe, and I omit onion (because I’m not a big onion fan). I do brown the sausage in a skillet before adding the other ingredients, although the sausage is fully cooked. I also use 98% fat free chicken broth and 98% fat free cream of celery soup. Using all of those things and putting them in an 8″x8″ baking dish, I used the Weight Watchers recipe builder to figure that 1/4 of the finished result is only 4 points plus. And it is SO delicious. I made it two times in one week when I discovered it–and it is wonderful re-heated.

Head on over to South Your Mouth and check it out!

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Weigh-in Wednesday

Hi friends! It’s that time again. Linking up with Heather, Ash, and Erin for Weigh-in Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday

Here are this week’s results:



Well, that’s a loss of only 0.4 lbs, but it’s a loss, so I’ll take it! This puts me at 182 lbs, officially 9 lbs away from having lost one hundred pounds! Man, I can’t wait until that loss! I know I will get there, I’m super excited about it. I also lost half an inch off my thighs this week, half an inch off my waist, and half an inch off my hips!

I did a pretty decent job this week with food and exercise. I used a new machine at the Y for cardio called a “Cybex Arc Trainer”…sort of like an elliptical but it’s more like climbing stairs. It was hard, but I did it for 30 minutes. I think I’ll probably do it again this week.

We did an 8-week challenge at work called “Maintain, Don’t Gain!” –the goal being to maintain weight within 3 pounds of your starting weight. We weighed in on November 19–that was the week that I “gained” 3 pounds due to muscle, so I was annoyed, but it ended up working out in my favor. According to MY weight records, I lost 7.4 lbs during that 8 week period. According to the scales at work, I lost 6 lbs…that’s kind of annoying, but whatever. I don’t use their numbers anyway (you obviously have to weigh w/ clothes on at work and after eating breakfast…so there’s that), so it’s all good. I’m just thrilled that I lost 6 lbs for the challenge! I don’t think I’ll be an overall winner, but that’s ok. They’ll announce the results sometime this week–I’m just excited that I lost that much over the holidays. 7.4 lbs is a huge accomplishment for that time of year!

I want to do weight lifting more than once this week, and it’s looking like the only days I might get to do it are Friday and Sunday–so I may see a gain next week due to muscle stuff on Tuesday, but that’s ok. Building muscle only burns more fat in the long run, while helping to make me stronger!

Hope you all have a great weigh-in this week. See ya next week!

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New Clothes!

Hi friends!

As promised, this is a post with pictures of the new lovely tops from Goodwill 🙂 Most of these tops are size Large, which is AWESOME. I eyeballed them all at the store and brought them home to try on, and they all fit! I couldn’t believe it…they looked SO small to me at the store. Many of these are just casual tops, but some of them I have been able to wear to work, which is really nice. I also bought 3 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of black slacks (size 14!)! I got all of this for around $60. I’m telling you all–Goodwill (or any thrift/consignment shop, really) is the absolute BEST place to shop for clothes while losing weight. If you continue to keep losing–your clothes will stop fitting you and then you won’t be able to wear them anyway–time for a Goodwill trip to donate the ones that are too big and to buy new ones! There’s no point wasting money at big fancy stores. I don’t want to THINK about what I would have spent at a department store for all of these!

new clothes 1

new clothes 2

new clothes 3

new clothes 4

new clothes 5

This one has wiener dogs all over it!! :)

This one has wiener dogs all over it!! 🙂

new clothes 8

In addition, LOOK at my FREAKING COLLAR BONES! I can’t believe it. My collar bones have become one of my favorite parts of my body during this weight loss journey. They just look so delicate! I love them!

Oh em gee!

Oh em gee!

Well, that’s that! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Hi friends! Here are today’s weigh-in Wednesday results:



Yup, it’s the same as last week. That is TOTALLY ok with me considering last week was a loss of 2.2 pounds–plus I overdid it a bit on the NYE food, lol. But I’m happy with this. I’m still feeling happy with myself, fit, and strong, so there is that as well.

In addition, I have 2 HUGE non-scale victories to report:

1. I went to Goodwill with my mom last week for some new clothes. Not only did I buy a bunch of new clothes, I bought…dun dun dun…a NEW PANTS SIZE! Yes, I am down another size in pants–can you believe it?! I barely can! I am wearing size 14 pants now! SIZE FOURTEEN!!! So I bought two nice new size 14 pairs of black pants, and a few size 16 jeans. (I can NEVER wear the same size jeans as I can slacks for whatever reason). The last pair of jeans I owned was a size 24. Holy cow!! So I am really proud of that. I’ll post some photos of the clothes I got in the next few days 🙂

2. I have been wearing my wedding rings on my middle finger for probably more than a year now. I finally decided that it was time to take them in over my holiday break to get them re-sized. When I went in, he looked at my wedding ring and told me that it was a size 8. It was already getting loose on my middle finger, so I had no idea what size I am now. He started with a 7, that was way too big. Then a 6.5, then a 6, and THEN A 5.5!!! I am a 5.5 SIZE RING NOW. I can’t believe I’ve lost so many ring sizes. I can’t wait to get them back next week! 🙂

I hope you all have wonderful weigh-ins. Happy mid-week!

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