New Clothes!

Hi friends!

As promised, this is a post with pictures of the new lovely tops from Goodwill 🙂 Most of these tops are size Large, which is AWESOME. I eyeballed them all at the store and brought them home to try on, and they all fit! I couldn’t believe it…they looked SO small to me at the store. Many of these are just casual tops, but some of them I have been able to wear to work, which is really nice. I also bought 3 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of black slacks (size 14!)! I got all of this for around $60. I’m telling you all–Goodwill (or any thrift/consignment shop, really) is the absolute BEST place to shop for clothes while losing weight. If you continue to keep losing–your clothes will stop fitting you and then you won’t be able to wear them anyway–time for a Goodwill trip to donate the ones that are too big and to buy new ones! There’s no point wasting money at big fancy stores. I don’t want to THINK about what I would have spent at a department store for all of these!

new clothes 1

new clothes 2

new clothes 3

new clothes 4

new clothes 5

This one has wiener dogs all over it!! :)

This one has wiener dogs all over it!! 🙂

new clothes 8

In addition, LOOK at my FREAKING COLLAR BONES! I can’t believe it. My collar bones have become one of my favorite parts of my body during this weight loss journey. They just look so delicate! I love them!

Oh em gee!

Oh em gee!

Well, that’s that! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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