Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Hi all! It’s that time of week again–weigh-in Wednesday! I was really looking forward to weigh-in yesterday because I felt like I did VERY well this week. I earned 23 activity points (not the best I’ve ever done but better than last week), and I ate all of those plus only NINE of my 49 weekly points. So, I was hoping to see some good results. And I did!



That is a loss of one pound since last week! This puts me down to 179.2…probably my lowest weight EVER. Ok, well not EVER, but I definitely maybe weighed this in 8th or 9th grade. I can’t believe it! My next “mini” Weight Watchers goal is 179, and I am SO close. Hopefully I will be there next week, but I am doubtful. Friday is my bday:

bday 1

and I fully intend on celebrating with a night out and what will probably be quite a bit of booze. No regrets though–my bday comes once a year and I really haven’t “partied” at all for any of them recently. So I will have no regrets!

I still plan on getting about 30 activity points this week to make up for Friday night–I started out strong last night with 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 30 minutes of weight lifting. Tonight, I plan on doing the arc trainer (ugh) for 30 minutes. Tomorrow night will be 30 minutes of either stationary bike or elliptical and then 30 min of weight lifting. THEN the hard part comes. I NEED to get up around 5 or 5:30am on Friday (bday!) in order to get my bum to the gym to work out. I won’t have time after work, I’m *GUESSING* I won’t feel like going on Saturday (lol) and Sunday I only really have time for a short walk because the inlaws are coming for a birthday dinner w/ Patrick and me. SO I NEED to make myself get up and do 30 minutes on the elliptical or something easy that morning. All in all, that plus a short walk on Sunday will get me the 30 extra points that I will NEED to make up for Friday night, lol. And let me just add that I am not a lush–I do NOT plan on drinking 30 points of alcohol–however, we will be going out to dinner first at a place called “Charlie’s” where I can get a free delish burger for my bday. And I am doing it, people. So there is that.

(Note: “fun” fact–did you know that it would be possible for me to drink 30 points of alcohol with just TWO drinks? A typical long island iced tea [my fave] is 15 points, y’all. I will be sticking to light beer with the exception of my favorite chocolate stout @ our local Irish pub!)

At any rate, I’m super happy w/ this loss. May see a maintain or a gain next week, but life happens. (Literally as it’s my bday!) Hope you all have GREAT weigh-ins and a great weekend. ❤

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