Weigh-in Wednesday 3/11/15

Weigh In Wednesday

Hi friends! Can you believe it’s another week and time to link up w/ Heather and Erin for WIW? Not only that, IT’S THE MIDDLE OF MARCH?! It is craziness. I had a pretty good idea I’d gain this week after the poor food choices I made (ice cream and movie popcorn for dinner Friday night…no regrets, it was AMAZING) and the lack of exercise in general. I did manage a biggest loser DVD, a walking DVD, and then some time on the elliptical at my hotel in Cincinnati on Friday, but that’s still not my normal amount. Hopefully, this week will be better. At any rate, here we are:



That’s a gain of 0.8 lbs, which I’m not upset about. I was thinking about when the last time I gained weight was, and I had to look at my chart on this blog–um, it was NOVEMBER 19TH. That is almost 4 MONTHS without a gain, and with mostly losses. I am incredibly proud of that, and it makes this little blip easier to overcome.

I’ve missed going to the Y the past two weeks–through my employer, I get a free Y membership as long as I swipe in 18 times over a 10 week period. With how much I went to the Y last quarter, that was no sweat (haha exercise reference FTW!), and I reached the 18 in maybe at most 5 weeks. So, last week was quarter break for the students–(we don’t get that off)–, so I took some time away from the Y since my “swipes” don’t count until this week. I’m looking forward to going back to the Y starting tomorrow night!

It is right around this time 2 years ago that I seriously re-committed to Weight Watchers. In that time, I’ve lost 83 pounds, for a total of 95 or so pounds. I have gained MUCH more though, including healthier lifestyle habits, a love for what exercise does for me (note I don’t say a love of exercise, lol), and a crap ton of self confidence. I couldn’t be happier with where I am right now, and I’m not gonna let this measly little eighth of a pound bring me down. It’ll come off in no time!

Hope you all have wonderful weigh-ins this week! Until next time!

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