Quick NSV

Hi friends!

This weekend I took a SUPER quick trip to and from Atlanta for the National College Fair yesterday. I was really looking forward to seeing how much of a difference I saw with the seatbelts on the plane, so I snapped a pic on my first ride. People, look at this:


I know it’s kind of at a weird angle, but you can see that I have quite of bit of “extra” seatbelt that I pulled to tighten. This is not even all the way tightened, and I have a jacket on, so there’s that as well. Can you believe it? Here is a list of things that amaze me about plane riding and how it has changed for me since losing almost one hundred pounds:

1. Seatbelt: when I flew at 273 pounds, I could BARELY buckle the seatbelt. There was no extra material at all for me to tighten with, and it was basically cutting circulation off the whole time I was in flight.
2. Room: I feel like I have SO MUCH ROOM in the seat. At 273 lbs, I was constantly worried that I was touching the person next to me and/or making them uncomfortable. I know that a lot of that was in my head, but it was a real concern to me. Now, I can sit in my seat comfortably without even really coming close to “touching” the person next to me w/ arms or legs.
3. Leg room: Y’all–I can CROSS MY LEGS on a plane. And this is the most comfortable position for me! Isn’t that incredible? I could never dream of doing that at 273 pounds.

Flying is an effortless thing to me now; when I was really big, I DREADED the idea of flying. I was always terrified that people would see me coming toward them and that they’d be PRAYING that I wasn’t the person next to them. I know that that isn’t always the case and that not all people are that judgmental, but you have those thoughts when you’re 273 pounds. Now, when I walk on a plane, I feel confident knowing that I will be comfortable and not have to squish anyone or strain to buckle a seatbelt. What a wondrous NSV!

Well, that’s it for me now, just wanted to share ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you all have a great week, and see you for check-in on WIW!

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