Weigh-in Wednesday 4.1.15

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy April Fool’s Day, y’all–and, Happy Weigh-in Wednesday! Can’t believe it’s that time of the week again.



Wahoo, that’s another small loss of 0.4 pounds! Like I said, I am losing in very small increments right now, but it really adds up. I’m down to 176.6 lbs, yippee!

This week was hard; we were at a funeral/visitation in Cincinnati and there was a lot of alcohol when the family got together–but I managed to counteract with a lot of hard work at the gym, and it paid off.

This upcoming week is Holy Week, so there are a lot of evening church commitments. Trying to fit in exercise wherever I can! 🙂

I figured I’d post this #transformationtuesday pic from my facebook today, even though it’s Wednesday. I got a neat new photo app on my phone that lets me put side by sides together SUPER easily–it’s called PicStitch, if anyone’s interested! At any rate, here it is (I weighed 273 pounds in the photo on the left–177 lbs on the right!)

transformation tues

Well, that’s it’s for me–gotta go! Happy Weigh-ins, y’all!

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