Weigh-in Wednesday 4.8.15

Weigh In Wednesday

Howdy, y’all! That time of week again–man, I can’t believe we’re close to being mid-way through April. Cray cray! Anyway, here are this week’s weigh-in results:



That’s another “slow and steady” loss of 0.8 pounds! Wahoo! This puts me down to 175.8 lbs. When that scale shows “–63.0,” it means I will have reached my one hundred pound loss milestone. Can you believe it?! I certainly can’t!! I’m so excited, and closer than ever. At this point on my weight loss journey, that’s what I’m aiming for. I am so happy with myself right now and feel so healthy, that I honestly don’t mind if I maintain at this weight. I don’t want to get lower than 154 pounds; that would put me at the absolute bottom of the “overweight” BMI category, and (believe it or not!) I don’t want to be in the “normal” category. (See this post).

I did a good job this week w/ workouts and earned 26 activity points, eating them all in addition to 39/49 of my weeklies. This week, I’m aiming for 29 activity points, and eating 29/49 activity points. We shall see! At any rate, I’m so happy with where I am and how far I’ve come. I’ve been posting before and after “transformation Tuesday” pics on my facebook, and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from friends and family. Here’s my latest!

Lol, we were pretending to be models in that left shot, so I was "workin' it"

Lol, we were pretending to be models in that left shot, so I was “workin’ it”

I hope you all have great weigh-ins. Remember, regardless of what the scale says, you are taking steps to ensure a healthy and happy you-and you are beautiful in and out, no matter what size!

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18 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday 4.8.15

  1. Look at you go! And it is not fair that you have a cute before picture 🙂 Love the model ‘tude and the top you are wearing. And of course you after picture! You look great!

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