Weigh-in Wednesday 4.15.15

Weigh In Wednesday

Hi friends! Super short weigh-in post coming to you today!



There it is, that’s a loss of zero pounds, but a gain of zero pounds as well. So, I maintained, woohoo! I actually think that I probably had a little residual water weight sticking around when I weighed in yesterday morning; I went to yoga for the first time ever on Sunday, and I was SUPER SUPER sore on Monday and Tuesday, and am still feeling it a little this morning. I LOVED yoga and really plan on going back, but if I have any soreness close to the time of my weigh-in, I’m almost always guaranteed to show a gain on the scale or show that I’m maintaining. That’s totally ok w/ me, because I know that that’s often the reason there.

I am thrilled to have finally gone to yoga; I was so surprised as to what I could do now that I am much lighter than I used to be! I fully intend on going back in the hopes that I will not be as sore next week, and thus will hopefully see a loss.

I have my yearly annual physical w/ my doctor today; she was SO HAPPY w/ me last year because I had lost about 60 pounds since seeing her, and since then, I’ve lost another 38 or so πŸ™‚ I know she will be happy, so I am excited to go!

Aight y’all, that’s it from me today. Hope you have great weigh-ins! I am going to start trying to link up on Fridays now too, so hopefully my blog entries won’t be just every Wednesday. This time of year is hard for me, as all of the college seniors are trying to make their college decisions before May 1. Sigh.

Here is this week’s Transformation Tuesday pic from yesterday!

TT 4.15

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10 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday 4.15.15

  1. I tried yoga once and keep saying I want to go back. I need to find a spot for it in schedule. I am the least flexible person I know so I am sure it would be good for me.

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