Weigh-in Wednesday 4.29.15

Weigh In Wednesday

Must….reach…May 1…almost there! (If you know anything about university admissions you know May 1 is like our ultimate commitment enrollment day from high school seniors…this week is awful…but we are so close!)

At any rate, drumroll:



YAY, THAT’S A LOSS OF 0.6 LBS! Down to 173.8 lbs. People, that is 0.8 lbs away from my 100 pound milestone. I cannot EVEN TAKE IT!

I love yoga. That’s all I can say right now about that, no time..it is the best.

3 great NSV’s this past weekend: Went to Strassenfest (local German festival) and saw some friends there I hadn’t seen for like half a year. The guy was like OMG DAMN YOU LOOK AMAZING I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. In addition, I was telling my good girlfriend Bre that I was only like a little bit away from 100 pound loss. She was like, “you must be in what, a size 10 now?” (I was wearing jeans.) LOLOLOL no my jeans are a size 16. But it just goes to show you that you can never guess what a person weighs or wears size-wise based on appearances. I was so excited. Then, I was talking to my friend Jason about working out and eating right (while consuming vast amounts of schnitzel and beer, of course, lol). He is into running and we like to talk about fitness sometimes. Anyway, he brought up my weight loss and was telling me how inspiring he thinks I am, etc etc, and then he was like, “what do you weigh now, like, 130, 140??” omg I ALMOST PASSED OUT. I must really look a lot smaller than I am!! πŸ™‚ But whatever, I was so happy all night. I don’t actually ever want to weigh 130 or 140, but it makes me feel good that people think I look great regardless of what size I actually am. I couldn’t believe it!

Here’s me rocking my Blue Lake size medium sweater from summer camp–it barely fit me back when I wore it when I worked there! (This is what I wore to Strassenfest–it wasn’t loose fitting but not tight either so maybe that’s why people noticed? Who knows.)

blue lake

OK I seriously have to go now…have a great week!

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