Weigh-in Wednesday 5.6.15

Pretty Strong Medicine

Hi all! I finally got my graphic for Weigh-in Wednesday with Heather, Erin, and Winter to work! For whatever reason the past few weeks that I have tried to post, it kept showing the old logo. So here it is, yay! Here are this week’s results:



That’s a tiny little loss of 0.2 lbs, but a loss nonetheless. I am now only 0.6 measly little pounds away from my one hundred pound loss. I am fairly certain that I will NOT get there next week–I’m expecting a maintain or a gain due to the food intake and lack of exercise this week. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so my office went out for Mexican at lunch. I had some chips and cheese dip and an a la carte chicken quesadilla, and it was amazing. Then Patrick wanted to go out for margaritas last night for $2 margarita night at our local Mexican place–well, I had decided I would get sangria instead for about 5 points vs. margarita for about 15!!! (Which, btw, is more than half of my daily points; I got bumped down to 28 points a day a couple of weeks ago). But we couldn’t get seated at the restaurant so we went home and I had 2 little bud light beergaritas (lemonade–have you tried those? Amazing!) for 6 points total, so I did fine.

Anyway, tonight I’m going out to our local Irish pub for an Indiana local brewery tap takeover, and I’m going to eat there. Friday-Sunday we rented a cabin at a state park not too far away for a “gaming retreat”–basically we are just bringing food and games and we’re going to game 24/7. It should be awesome! If it’s nice out, we will try to hit some trails, but apparently it’s supposed to storm all weekend. We are doing food like tacos and hot dogs and of course our friends will bring lots of other yummy but not-so-great-for-me snacks so I just know that I’m going to rack up a lot of points this weekend with food and of course booze. THEN we are going to out to eat w/ my mother-in-law and her family on Sunday for Mother’s Day at a Chinese restaurant…phew. So yeah, obviously not expecting to lose next week. These weeks are really few and far between for me, however, so I’m not really worried about it πŸ™‚ I did manage to go on a nice walk outside w/ my dog last night at a pretty high intensity for about 25 minutes. I wanted to do 30 but Clara was so tired that I had to take her home…she was TOTALLY over it. I need to get her more exercise!

I did yoga for the 4th Sunday in a row this week and it is getting easier! I am bummed about having to miss this Sunday but it’s ok, I will get back to it the Sunday after! Hope you all have great weigh-ins!

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6 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday 5.6.15

  1. We had an issue with the graphic, it definitely wasn’t your fault… sorry about that! Great job on the loss this week! I, too, enjoyed some chips (and Ranch!) for Cinco De Mayo last night but I don’t regret it one bit… we need to enjoy life’s little celebrations πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for you to hit that 100 lbs. mark… amazing!!

  2. Don’t know what part of the state the retreat’s in but here in Indy there’s a chance of rain both days. But you’ll be indoors so hopefully you can still stay dry LOL

    • Cassi–we will be outside of Bloomington, and it’s supposed to storm all day both days there too! Oh well πŸ™‚ I’m just glad we’re not TENT camping…yikes!

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