Weigh-in Wednesday 5.13.15

Pretty Strong Medicine

Well folks, here it is:



WOOF, that’s a gain of 2.2 lbs! I have no excuses lined up for this time, y’all. I ate lots and lots of not so great for me food this past week, drank tons of alcohol, and didn’t exercise much. Oops! It happens though, and I was over it the minute I got off the scale yesterday morning. My willpower has (mostly, w/ the exception of that Dilly bar last night) returned for this week, so I’m doing better. I did get an extra point to eat a day with this gain though, lol…ha!

On the positive side of things, Patrick and I stayed in a cabin this past weekend at a local-ish state park. We invited a few friends and my brother and his girlfriend to come game with us; it was TONS of fun (and part of the reason I consumed so much food/drink!) On Saturday, we went on 3 different mini-hikes. On the third 2-miler, the trail ended at “Wolf Cave,” which is a tiny little cave that you can crawl through if you dare. My friend Jason and I TOTALLY went through it. Lemme tell you, I NEVER would have been able to crawl through that cave 95+ pounds ago. It was tiny tiny tiny and we were crawling most of the time, and then we had to army crawl through the exit. It was awesome though, and I am SO thankful that I’m not claustrophobic! Here is a victory pic (and some others)

Cave entrance!

Cave entrance!

Cave exit!

Cave exit!


Behind the falls

Behind the falls

The Falls

The Falls

My victory pose after crawling out of cave--see dirt on my arm???

My victory pose after crawling out of cave–see dirt on my arm???

We had a blast, and I am focusing on the NSV of the cave-crawling and not this week’s gain. I will get back to where I was in no time! πŸ™‚

Have a great week, y’all!

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